Tulips & Pansies

Evening all : )
Hope everyone is happy and well. The title of this blog is totally irrelevant to the blog. There just my favourite flowers in the world : ) i got bored and decided to redecorate my blog as well. I like butterflies as they represent having healthy lungs and breathing easy (:
I actually have designed what i want to be my first tattoo and it is three roses obviously explained in a previous blog tied together by a ribbon which shall then be turned into a butterfly. It looks better than it sounds trust me :D
So a little catch up first of all as i haven’t wrote for ages!!! : (

Okay well, i have left school now it’s just unofficially. Over the past four week i have been sitting my GCSE’s i started off with 15 and i am now down to the final four. I sit these on Monday the 22nd of June 2009 and then ladies and gentlemen i will have officially left Counthill Secondary School.
I am saddened and yet excited at the same time. I feel ready to move on with my life now; step into the next chapter of the book. It’s a major point in my life, i’m no longer a school kid and it’s pretty scary but it’s also the best thing that is probably going to happen to me in 2009!
It’s all very exciting. Then i have my prom on the 23rd of June 2009 so i am overjoyed about that too!
I have my prom dress, prom shoes, bag, accessories and everything all ready and waiting. I am really looking forward to that too.

So recently, my chest hasn’t behaved itself and it has turned abit rubbish. Not a chest infection ... just rubbish! To stop an infection creating itself inside my lungs the doctors have put me on an antibiotic called ciprofloxacin. I’ve been on it in the past and it clears me up wonderfully so hopefully it should do the trick.
The only problem is we finally get sunshine in Oldham and i’m not allowed in it as i’ll burn.
The antibiotic makes you prone to burning when in the sunlight. I decided i would risk this theory and went to the park on Sunday; which as you may or may not know, was a beautifully sunny day. I was wearing a vest, a dress and black leggings. I was only at the park for roughly an hour and later on that night i had red feet from where my dolly shoes hadn’t covered them and red legs up to where my leggings had been. I also had red cheeks, a red forehead and of course a red nose.
My arms had been covered up by a cardigan i had worn so they were fine thankfully.
Let’s just say ... lesson learned.
My mum found this rather amusing and so did my little sister ( :

Well i have a few things i really want to do once i’ve finished school and have nothing to do. So i’m making a list therefore i can’t forget. Oh oh oh ... it’s my birthday in 18 days and i will be 16 years old. (: I now need your help to give me some ideas as to what to do for it. “/ i am struggling for ideas you see so if you have any; they will be greatly appreciated. Anyway, back to my ‘to-do’ list.

1) When it’s a nice day i want to go to my Grandad’s grave and make it look pretty with some tulips and pansies : )
2) I want to go bowling; i haven’t been in ages so i defiantly want to go there.
3) I want to have a huge movie night with a few friends. Popcorn, sweets, crisps, chocolate etc.
4) I want to buy a new book to read preferably ‘the host’ or ‘the secret’
5) I want to go to the pictures with people i haven’t been there with before so i’m going with Robyn, Kyle, Dean & Josh on Saturday : )
6) Want to go shopping with my mum at the Trafford centre.
7) I want to spend one full day with my dad.
8) I want to have a sleepover with my little sister; suppose we’ll watch Hannah Montana movie again “/ haha.
9) Start going on walks again; i went on a walk every day the other week and then the rain came out so we couldn’t go anymore but i really liked walking (:
10) Could do with getting back into swimming again also.
11) Organise all my med’s.
12) Sort out my wardrobe & drawers. Throw some clothes and shoes away or infact send them to charity shops. (:
13) I’m going to have a belated spring clean in my room.
14) Have a good chat with some of my friends.
15) Do a blog on my friends from school; just write a few notes on each person that has left an impression on me.
16) Complete a few blogs that are at the moment incomplete.
17) Buy new make-up and accessories with whatever money i get from my birthday.
18) Decide what to do for my birthday.
19) Write a story on some of the goings on of Counthill :D haha. (My auntie Maxine’s idea)
20) Go to my auntie max’s for the night and just have a girly night.
21) Have a ghost whisperer day with my auntie Sonia.
22) Allow my uncle Lee Lee to BORROW my lost box set.
23) Watch series five of lost.
24) Have a good birthday.
25) Let my mum and dad go out for the night while i look after my sister so she best be a good little devil! :D
26) Watch the film ‘Fame’ because i have never seen it before.
27) Think of more things to add to my little to do list (:

Well this blog hasn’t really got any meaning it’s just a little introduction to some of my family. AND please take note that i say SOME of my family.
I have a huge family and i’d say we are really close. The thing is there’s that many that i haven’t even met some of them or i hardly ever see them. Therefore, the people mentioned in this blog are the people i see quite often or that are really close to me. (:

Auntie Maxine - Okay so my auntie Maxine has had a quick mention in a previous blog and she’s overall great. She is one of my godparents and i’d say i am extremely close to my Auntie Max; she knows everything about me and when i just need a chat and someone to bounce me back i go to my Auntie Max’s for a brew, my tea and a chat : )
She is very good; i recommend her to anyone in need of a sponge ;)
Only my Auntie Max will understand that. She sees herself as a sponge you see she’ll soak up all your worries and problems as long as you feel better afterwards and then somewhere along the line she releases all her worries and problems. My Auntie max is a really good inspiration you know for woman. She doesn’t need anybody, doesn’t rely or depend on nobody. She is such a strong and independent woman that if i turned out like her when i’m older I’d more than likely be the happiest woman living just like she is.
I believe i am very much like my auntie max and we have discussed this before. (: Auntie Maxine will support me in whatever i aim to achieve, i know she’ll be there behind me all the way and when i need her the most whatever time of day i know she’ll gladly help me out. She is always there for me when i need her without a doubt and for that i am eternally grateful. Don’t mess with her though she’ll knock you clean out!

Auntie Sandra – My auntie Sandra just has the ability to put a smile on my face and all i have to do is say her name and as if by magic a smile appears. She is one of the loveliest people you will ever have the privilege of meeting. She is another one of my godparents and again someone i am rather close too.
Although i don’t see her that much i know that if i needed her for whatever reason she’d be ready and waiting with a brew (:
My Auntie Sandra is someone that will do anything for you if she is capable of doing so. A pure heart of gold that adores her grandchildren and would buy them the universe if that’s what they wanted. We have had a few good chats me and my Auntie Sandra and afterwards i always feel better about whatever it was that was bothering me. She manages to make everything okay. I like a little quote she often refers too when she is talking to me.
She says i am like her little bud that is now flowering into this beautiful flower and it’s so precious and fragile yet so strong and beautiful at the same time. The flower has so many different tones and colours that you can never really classify it under one thing.
She is the loveliest, kindest, greatest chef i know (: So stick the kettle on for her and she’ll be round...or crack open the bottle of wine ;)

Auntie Sharon - My auntie Sharon is again another one of the loveliest people you’ll have the pleasure of meeting. This is a woman who will do anything for anyone; she puts others before her to make sure they are okay.
I think there isn’t a child in the family who hasn’t had Auntie Sharon as a child minder at one stage of their life. All my friends remember her as being the dinner lady at Watersheddings primary school. I can’t remember being in reception very well but i do remember asking her to shout at kids who wouldn’t be my friend. (: i was a lovely torettes ridden child you see.
She has alot of problems with her back and most of the time she is in a tremendous amount of pain so i think she is a really strong person to just carry on as normal and still be as helpful and caring as she is. I love my auntie Sharon loads. (:

Uncle Lee Lee – My one and only godfather. He’s a rubbish one! He got 20% on my ‘how well do you know me’ quiz on facebook! :O
I know it’s horrendous don’t you agree?
I’m actually just kidding you; we get on really well and we always have. Even since the days of battle ship and super noodles we have been really close. I love my Uncle Lee Lee loads and loads!
He’s one of the funniest people i know. I used to go to my Grandma’s house for tea every Tuesday and we used to rip her to shreds and take the mick’ out of her. She found the funny side obviously as we were only joking but i would always end up choking because i can’t laugh without coughing and he used to have me in stitches.
He is also my personal maths tutor/homework man/algebra explainerer. :D
He is very, very good at maths and i am a failure at maths; no i finally started to like maths and understand it right at the end of year 11 when i will never have to sit and do maths ever again. At least not Pythagoras’s theorem. “/

I’m going to have to leave it there i’m afraid. This will definatly get continued though as i have yet to talk about Uncle Neil, Auntie Sonia, Christian & Linzi, Samuel and Samantha.
i have done 5 pages and it’s getting late so i shall leave it as it is tonight and continue some other time. Thank you for talking the time to read my blog (:

Take Care, Sophie xoxo

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