swings, roundabouts and 2009


Is anyone even out there still? :D
wow so.. i’ve not done one of these for a real long time. just either had nothing to say or no inspiration. I’d let go of something i loved doing; something i’m often told i’m very good at. I’m writing this in the car on my i-phone, on the way home from a Miley Cyrus concert; Uncle Neil would not be pleased with the spelling, punctuation and grammar. :D it’s so hard to type on an i-phone in a moving car! :) quickly popping back to Miss Cyrus! :O i have a few words to say about that girl i’ll tell you!

Lets start off with a little update, well at the minute i am pretty much full of a cold and i’m really trying to be a big, brave girl and ignore it... but it’s a cold it brings you down don’t it. so the happy, ‘cheer up’ songs start to be played on the i-phone :D
i had such an amazing Christmas! Loved every minute of it <3

Anyway, so christmas yet again has come and gone and a new year is soon to start.
this year has been rather mental! Maybe that’s why it’s flown by huh?
lots of highs, many low’s.. big decisions, small disagreements.. some firsts, some ‘never to be done again’ lasts.. sad losses and major gains! 2009 has been bloody good!! Just those swings and roundabouts keeping life interesting. After all no rest for the wicked eh? ;)

So the year started off in January with me being in my final months of year 11. No more school after may. I remember being so excited but so scared also. It was like.. my wakeup call; i’m growing up!
i’ll always be my dad’s little girl and a big kid at heart but i’m growing up, i’m getting older now, more mature, more intelligent, more wise, more respectful, more appreciative, more dedicated. I’m still learning though.. and i learned a few lessons this year.
So we sailed into February and it was my cousin’s 21st party :) Sam Ogden! It was a awesome party, she looked stunning and got spoiled of course :D
March came along and GCSE’s were dawning closer and closer. It was time to get my head down and work my arse off for these grades i wanted so intensely, i needed so badly! So i revised and i revised.
April soon came and someone in particular stopped me in my tracks. Ladies and gentleman .. Mr. Arran Barnes.
now this boy came and shook my world a little bit. I fell head over heels just like my dad always said i would for the boy i fell hardest for. we had a rocky start and things were exceptional then suddenly broken promises leaded to broken smiles and broken friendships. i was a little dazed for a while.. but i had to snap out of it fast because May have arrived sooner than i expected!
I’d done all i could to try and get good grades on coursework to give me that little boost but now all i could do was try my best and hope it would be good enough...
June 2009.
school was over and done with; i’d never have to step foot in one of those classrooms again. Only two things left that involved that school... number one? PROM!
it was such a good night, everyone looked stunning and handsome and they all behaved.. most of them!
There were no after parties were allowed for Miss Sophie Jayne Wheeler but after the tales i got told afterwards i was glad of that.
July arrived with a bang as a major fall out was only just erupting. i thought i lost a best friend that month. but she sneaked back into my life later on in the year. My birthday was soon to follow and i was trying to forget about my disruption were friends were concerned. I had a little picnic in the park which ended disastrously as it rained so we all went back to my house and then later on i had a meal with my mum, dad and Beth. i was 16 now.
August.. August.. hmmm not that much happened really.. OH YEAH .... Mr. Arran Barnes was back and i was really happy about it, i began to fall for him all over again hoping this time; things would be different.
number two involvement with Counthill? RESULTS DAY!
the results were in and after the full year 10 out and rushed coursework as well as, a dismal amount of educated knowledge in my head i prayed to god i’d have enough to get into Oldham sixth form college. ... ... FINGERS CROSSED!
wooooooooooooooooooooo! I was in.. no doubt about that what with an A in English thanks to my superior English literature mind ;) haha. That right there is my proudest accomplishment in life up to now. :D
A sneaky friend managed her way back into my life as i gave her a second chance, i believe her apology; silly me huh?
anyway, college started and i was due to start four courses.. humanities, maths, psychology and sociology; all in a pursuit to continue into further education and become a child psychologist.
my main dream is to be a writer but for now.. i’m happy with it just being a release and a hobby.
well.... halloweeen was a complete disaster! Not going to go into too much detail but the ‘friend’ i gave a second chance to blow it and i learned a couple of valuable lessons. So did a couple of other people also. Shame really because i felt a little gutted that i’d lost a friend and then i realised.. she obviously never was a friend in the first place.
from now on.. i stick to my close 6 friends and i’m happy with that. (:
I had a rather shaky start to November.. i seemed to have caught some virus but the symptoms i had were all signs of swine flu so as a precaution i was given tamiflu. This knocked me sick for a long period of time after taking but eventually it would pass. After the 5 days on tamiflu.. my symptoms hadn’t faded, so clearly i had not got pig flu! Just a virus maybe? Whatever it was it needed to go QUICK my holiday was coming up very fast and soon it was here!
ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA!!!! I loved every minute of it and i’d just like to thank Beth (my sister), auntie max and Arran. mainly i’d like to really thank my mum and dad who work there bottoms off so me and Beth get everything we want and more and sometimes i may not be the best child in the world and i know i cause you so much worry most of the time but as long as you know that this pain in the arse kid is so appreciative and thankful for everything you do for me.. i’m happy (: i love you two!
i started my IV and they put me on this new mixture of antibiotics.. tazocin and amakacin. I’d been on both of these before but never together. First dose was fine except for this excruciating pain i got in my back that left me lying down for a while. The nurse said it wasn’t a side effect of any of the medicines so i assumed i’d pulled myself whilst coughing.. second dose.. again this pain floored me for ages! Third dose.. i felt so heavy; i literally couldn’t move and if somehow i managed to i’d feel like falling to the ground i just felt too heavy and my appetite dissaperated! Surely this wasn’t right?
my mum phoned the hospital up but they assured her it was nothing to do with the IV’s and to continue. So she did.
third day.. i wasn’t eating a thing. I was unable to move, i had a temperature and i was so lapsidasicle, my mum said i looked blue. I was rushed to A&E were they placed me in recuss, put oxygen on me, wired me up to a drip and was monitoring me constantly.. one on one nurse i had :D
my doctor came bursting through the doors in a panic; he thought my lung had collapsed but after a few examinations it was clear that a collapsed lung wasn’t the problem but the drugs were. They stopped my IV and changed my antibiotics. They think i had an allergic reaction to the mixture and that’s what triggered the relapse. I was let out of hospital after a few days and i was shocked to say snow on the floor, i was banned from playing out though as my mum put me in hibernation! :D
Christmas arrived fairly quickly and Santa brought me and my sister lots of amazing presents! :D
my favourites being my Ed Hardy watch AND our keyboard! :D <3 THANKYOU father Christmas!!!

So this year is very, very nearly over, some great things have happened and i wouldn’t change any of it for anything or anyone. It started with me smiling and it’s ending with me smiling. (: funny as it started with me having a cold and it’s ending with me having a cold but still smiling! :D
Well.. finally i best right a few things i expect from 2010 but before that i just want to say thank you for reading! I’m sorry it’s been so long. I lost my way for a while but i’m back with 5 other blogs in the ‘rough draft’ process. So it shant be too long before i make a return here... keep a look out!
I hope you all have an excellent new year! And enjoy every minute but be careful and safe!
I hope there are no sad losses, goodbyes, illness or deaths. I wish you all the luck in the world that 2010 will be one with many smiles, plenty of laughs and buckets of happiness...
Take Care, Sophie xoxo

• I hope to pass all my exams in May at Oldham Sixth Form
• I hope to stay happy and healthy all year
• I hope to continue loving every minute of my relationship <3
• I hope to ENJOY, LOVE, LAUGH, SMILE and LIVE every moment of every day.
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