you are cute.

Yo Homies!

So I’m back and still not too happy with what is going on with the website so it’s going to be under reconstruction but still up and running so you’ll all have to bear with me.
I love the layout right now as it’s perfect for a work in progress!

So this is a little blog that I wanna write down after feeling so much negativity coming from the ladies as of late! Come on girls.. pull yourselves together!
So a few of my friends have been battling everyone’s enemy within themselves… there self-esteem!!
We all have it. It lies there and it digs away at us all from time to time on a daily basis, even you guys out there, you all know this feeling!
Truth is, as bangin’ as you all are, you’re never going to see what others see. You look in the mirror and you’ll never be exstatic with what you see staring back.
Never fully satisfied with the reflection!
Nothing I say is going to really change this but I am wanting to do this blog anyway for a certain someone out there who I feel needs a little boost.
It goes out to all of us really who just need some extra sugar in our tea today, so to say ;)

You are so very beautiful in every way imaginable.. you’re smile brightens everyone’s day whom has the pleasure of seeing it. You’re absolutely stunning and the thing that changes that into something beautiful, is that you don’t even realise it do you?
You make everything seem like it is going to be okay. As if you’re in this world that is full of good with no evil.
I mean you have your moments ;) ..... but don’t we all?
You seem to crave to lose those pounds that don’t matter to anyone because nobody else sees them.
You can’t ever make yourself happy with what you see, ever! Fighting a losing battle with that one and in the meantime you’re bringing yourself crashing down.
A few things I have picked up on and they’re not healthy for you. You need to stop that don’t you?
I understand wanting to stay healthy and toned but there is no ‘FAT’ that needs losing! These love handles you speak of? They’re your hip bones, they’re supposed to be there! :)
Those boobies you love so dearly will soon dwindle down if you keep hitting the gym as hard as you have been doing as of late!
You are absolutely perfect to the people who matter.
Beautiful girl.. you need to look in the mirror and instead of seeing all things that need ‘improving’
you need to start seeing things that are special and are bangin’ ;)

Wear something that you LOVE and just wear some sprinkle of confidence!

YOU ARE PERRRRRFECT TO ME! Remember that!! <3

you are cute.
love & peace dudes….

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3
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