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Hello everyone,

I have huge news that i wanted to share!!
My little cousin was born 5 and a half week early on the 9th of April at half three in the afternoon! He is called Alfie Lee Brown and weighed in at 5llb 3oz
He is doing superbly at the moment and i am so very proud of him and my Uncle LeeLee & Auntie Claire.
I have been asked to be his godmother and i feel very privileged! He's going to get spoilt rotten off me and everyone else i'm sure.. but me the most! ;)

Babies seem to be everywhere at the moment! Everyone is having babies, expecting babies or has had babies recently. Crazy! It gets me all sad and happy and jealous all rolled up into one!
I know i won't get a little baba of my own and it's a little bit sad. It just means i get to spoil them rotten and become the favourite person in the world without being peevish and shouting. Keep them while they're being cute and give them back at the end of the day ;) Like i said he is doing brill now and is a little chubby cherub! He visited me here in costa del pearce on Wednesday night, which was lovely of him!

Shameless plug for those of you who are still yet to sponsor my best friend Chelsey Thackeray who is running the 10k Manchester marathon on the 20th of May for the CF Trust! Please sponsor as much or as little as possible. You can sponsor online by going to http://www.justgiving.com/Chelsey-Thackeray

Alternatively, you guys can also sponsor her by texting: CHEL77 & the amount you'd like to donate (£1,2,3,4,5,10). To: 70070 Thank you all in advance and a huge thank you to those of you who have sponsored already.. it means the world to me and DOES make a huge difference.

I suppose it is about time i got back into doing these here blogs? I just don't feel like i have much to tell you all. Back when i did these religiously, i was in school and had things going on and people around me that i could get inspiration from.. these days i'm in what feels like a tedious bubble. A never-ending circle of the same things day in, day out. Same old, same old. I'm hope this isn't me sounding miserable, please don't take it that way! I'm just reflecting and thought i'd share this reflection with you.

My lung functions are good at the moment, really good actually. My weight is finally in the middle of the 'healthy' range in the BMI chart and it's sticking there. I'm happy with how my weight is and that is so lovely to feel that. I still hate my chicken legs and scrawny arms but i worked hard to put over 10kg on over the past year. Having the PEG tube fitted was definatly the big break i needed. Since then i have gone from 47kg to a healthy 59kg-60kg. BRILLIANT!!

I'm still not being referred over to the transplant team so that's always a plus! At the moment i seem to be going 5-7 week at home and then i need to come in for a 2-3 week course of IV's. That seems to be my 'norm' for the time being. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that once we're out of the dreary winter/spring/MISERABLE season, with summer round the corner, all these virus's that seem to be attaching themselves to me shall evaporate and i can live my life a little hospital free for a while. Wishful thinking and all that! I've been brilliant with my meds & nebs and i even joined the gym and go there at least three times a week. I started swimming too and i'm loving every minute of that. I go to the gym with my oxygen and just sit on the bike with my headphones in, it's very cool. I feel proper posh ;)

Abit of sad news now... I lost another beautiful friend of mine this hospital admission and again it came as a shock. As silly as it sounds, even though i knew how poorly she was it was still a slap across the face and a little chip on my heart. I spoke to her on the Monday and she told me she was doing better and was on the mend, so to hear the news on the Wednesday was horrible. I've thought about it though and as sad as it is, i am happy in the full knowledge she was content, peaceful and pain free. It wasn't supposed to be like that though, she was supposed to get put on the transplant list at the end of this month and her chance was going to come along and everything would be perfect for her. Sometimes, i guess life decides that's not what it wants to happen and the chances and things that could have been, never are.

No more pain, No more struggle and No more fight. Breathe now beautiful girl. Laugh so hard your tummy hurts and don't even let that stop you! You have a wicked sense of humour that has had me in stitches on a number of occasions! You were beautiful in life and shall eternally be so as an angel now! <3 <3 <3

Going to leave it there....

love you all beautiful people xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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