To do list

This is my to-do list in life; i'm setting myself no time frame for these as some are continuous and therefore, are to be repeated again and again. 
I will scrub off as and when the "to do's" get "to done!"
I will also add more as i think of some!
Keep a look out on any updates!

  • i want to go on as many little road trips away as possible
  • i want to go to a cottage and do nothing but sit around in pyjamas or onesies playing board games, drinking hot ribena and watching all of my favourite films
  • i want to one day own my own sweet shop
  • i want to accomplish driving on the motorway
  • i want to learn yoga & pilates
  • i want to learn sign language
  • i want to learn how to cook nice meals
  • i want to actually bake soft chewy cookies like domino's
  • i want to go to a pub quiz
  • i want to start managing my money
  • i want to do another photo a day challenge
  • i want to get atleast one month without needing IV's
  • i want the sun to shine
  • i want to get back doing the bike regularly
  • i want to keep up a fitness regime
  • i want to write more often
  • i want to dress like a 1950's girl
  • i want to take more photographs
  • i want to have an easter egg hunt with mini cream eggs
  • i want to go to a murder mystery night
  • i want to try all the TGI's fruity cocktails
  • i want to get better on my billy bob ukulele
  • i want to find a nice little appartment to rent
  • i want to work in a sweet shop or book shop for my first job part time
  • i want to organise my money better
  • i want a trip to Florida, Greece, Salou and mostly, Iceland!


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