Florida - November 2015

On the run up to this holiday I was so nervous. I worried about every possible scenario! I worried about having an episode of sickness whilst over there and not eating. I worried about catching something on the plane there and feeling unwell whilst there. I worried about being fit enough to walk round all those parks and letting people down if I struggled. I worried about the flight.. what if I had a new found fear as it had been a fair few years since I had been on a plane!! I worried about hospital needing to contact me and being unable to. I worried about my chest being bad the week previous and having to cancel on my behalf last minute. I just worried about everything you could possibly think about worrying over for months and months.
Then the weekend before our holiday, I was taken into hospital with high potassium and dehydration and I was gutted! I thought my transplant team would never allow me to fly just 5 days later.. it was the day before when I got told it was ultimately my decision as they weren't saying no! 
The night before we caught the flight to America my dad hunted high and low for someone who would insure a girl who has CF, had a double lung transplant 10 months before and was discharged from a hospital admission just 6 days ago, who also had diabetes and so much medication!! 
Our last resort was to buy insurance for just over £2000 but thankfully for us, my cousin kristian had read online about someone else who was struggling for insurance till they found a company called "insurancewith.com"

I was fully insured for just over £100.. you know what this meant? 
I could go to FLORIDA!! 

The morning after I was thrilled with excitement and could not wait! 
I had an easy and fairly quick flight there and was so excited to get it all started. Go to all the parks, eat all the food, drink all the frozen slush's and just be away from hospitals and even home for a while. Something completely different!

I loved every single minute and have no idea what all the worrying was beforehand. I have never felt as good as I did whilst over there. I don't know if that was the weather, the stress free environment or just general buzz of a holiday but I felt incredible and didn't have one bad day whilst over there. 
I was literally devastated that we had to come back home. If I could have been left to live there I would have no questions about it.
It was just what was needed after a crazy year. 

Here are a few pictures!

A holiday only possible because of my donor and their family

Freddie Florida stylin'

Florida rainbow

Such a good holiday

Countdown had ended

Sleeping betty on the plane

Excited selfie

FaceTime with grandad, Alfie & Woody

Day at Mini Golf


Night at Universal Studios

Traditional Tourist

Dream Car/Van

Universal Studios

Pool Day

Lady of Leisure on a boat ride

Favourite Rollercoaster (cheetah-chase)

Loving the wave pool

Mini Golf Female Champion (Action Shot)
Me & my beach pal
An impressive photography shot by me

Papa & Sophie

Shaun & Me

My impressive photography


Night at a Piano Bar

Wheeler reservation

Seaworld Orlando Resort, Florida

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