Day 15

Good evening,

I got the phone call this morning to come into hospital for my course of IV antibiotics. Chelsey and i took Tallulah (her car) for a drive down to Costa Del Wythenshawe, Hotel Pearce. Whilst sat doing nothing we decided to Google why we have pancake Tuesday. I still don’t actually know why but i found out that it was the beginning of lent today. To conclude, if anyone would like to explain to me why we eat pancakes out of all the food in the world on Shrove Tuesday, i would be very grateful :)

In other news, i’m thinking of using this time in hospital to write a few blogs for once this photo day challenge is over as I’d like to try and continue writing them. Just possibly not every day!
I’m also chuffed with my profile viewer results! :D
When i started the viewer it said I’d had 1,400 views since starting my blogs. I think that was around a week ago, since then it’s gone up to 2300. That means i’m roughly having a little over 100 views a day. That made me happy as i now feel like i’m writing to people and they are reading.

Anyway, on with today’s photo challenge:

Day 14:- A Photo Of Your Family.

It’s unreal how hard it was to actually dig up a photo of me, my mum, my dad and Beth... my sister.

Me and my mum have our silly little tiffs and disagreements and sometimes we can be moody with each other but she’s my best friend and i don’t know what I’d do without my mama. We do pretty much everything together and always have done really. She’s stayed overnight with me when i was younger in hospital, she comes to every outpatients appointment; she’ll always be there to fight for me and be my rock. I love my mama.

I and my dad have a great relationship. We have had our differences but at the end of the day we are too similar to not get over it and start again. He’s my papa. That’s it isn’t it. There is no love that can compete with the love of a father to his daughter. He is my teddy bear and when i just need a cuddle... he’s always there... ALWAYS. I love my papa.

I and Beth argue. We fight, we don’t share, we lose our tempers with each other, i borrow without asking, she takes and doesn’t give back but she’s my sister. I’d do anything for her and i’ll always back her up. She’ll always look out for me too. I love her more than any other girl in the world. I love my Boogle.

So this is my family. They keep me strong. <3

Take Care, Soph xoxo
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  1. thanks for my bedtime reading sophie, keep the friendship and closeness you have with beth there is no better friendship, my sister is my best friend in the whole world the only person who knows me better than i know myself lol treasure it xxxxxx

  2. Hey Baby Doll x Loving the Blogs, in answer to your question regarding Shrove Tuesday, I do vaguely remember from the Mass' that your Mum and Lee used to send me in to church to hear so they could play on the park and just ask me all the questions so they had the answers for Grandma when she asked them about church when we returned that Jesus starved himself for 40 days and 40 nights (lent) and only grazed on vegetation available on his travels and so in homage to JC Christians give/gave up the 3 main items of food that are discouraged during the fasting period of lent, eggs, sugar and butter, the 3 main ingrdients used in pancakes :) Now I hope you are having potato ash today for Ash Wednesday ;) Love you loads an loads baby doll xxxxxx

  3. Brilliant news that you are goin to carry on with your blogs after the 30 day challenge as we all love reading them. I love this photo as it was also taken on my special 30/20th party!!!! and how we laughed and cried that night fantasic party with fantastic people love ya all millions an more!!! keep writin an kee smiling.xxxxx