happy red nose day AND the script AND Day 22

Good evening all,

I am hoping you are all well and happy!
I have had a few hypo’s again today... i was slurring my words this time apparently.
I am hoping that once this CGMS is downloaded they can sort me out.
Two hours after my breakfast my blood sugar was 6.0, this was at 11:30.
I decided to wash my hair and i’ll admit it is a little bit of an effort for me, not too hard though as i’m quite well at the moment. After washing my hair, i lay on my bed as i just felt quite deflated and abit knackered. I started shaking, started sweating and feeling really light headed... it all came on suddenly. I knew i was going into hypo so i got up slowly as i was really lightheaded and walked over to get the blood sugar meter. It was awful... i was really unsteady on my feet, stumbling and my legs kept giving way on me. I grabbed the machine and fell back onto my bed. It’s never been this bad symptom wise before. It said my blood sugar was 1.3 at 12.00!

How did it slip below 4 and not be symptomatic until it was hardly existent at 1.3?
How could it go that low within half an hour?
I pressed my buzzer and got given some lucozade, dextro tablets and biscuits.
At 12.20 things had kicked in and my blood rose to 4.0

For the time being they have reduced my slow acting insulin (levemir) from 8 units twice a day to 6 units twice a day and are also prescribing me some fast acting insulin (nova-rapid) just in case.

It is Red Nose Day today and i had been mithering Chelsey to get me a red nose all week and by the time she had time to go and get me one, all the Sainsbury’s near our house had ran out of them! :(
Mum came to the rescue thought by ringing Altringham’s Sainsbury which is near the hospital.
Her and Chelsey went and got some red nose’s so here are our pictures:

Chris Moyle’s and Comedy Dave did 52 hours no-stop on the radio from 6.30 Wednesday morning to 10.30 today. Overall they raised around2.4 million and earned themselves a Guinness world record.
I had been watching it religiously by pressing my red button.. it was addictive and never off my TV screen, i was quite sad when it finished this morning!
I have given £10 to comic relief. I had text into Chris Moyle’s radio show whilst he did the 50 hour radio show twice which cost me £2 that goes straight to comic relief and then i went online and rounded it up to £10 by giving £8.
I like to do my bit :)

Won’t be watching comic relief till late tonight as i’m going watching the script tonight at the MEN Arena with Chelsey and two of her uni friends. I’m looking forward to it now! Haven’t really been thinking about it much but then when my last IV was done and i was getting changed into my jeans i started to get a little excited :’)
On with today’s blog:

Day 22:- A Picture Of Something That Confuses You.

I have so many opinions on smoking. Some may say that they’re very biased opinions and that’s fine but nobody can prove my opinions wrong as i bring a strong argument.
It’s just no good for you is it?
If you way up the pro’s and con’s.. you’d have so many negative things to say about it than good things. It infuriates me that the government make all these laws against it yet it’s still here and their reason as to why?... Tax!
The money roles in whenever somebody buys a pack of cigarettes.

I can’t and won’t ever be able to comprehend why people do it. When they first picked that cigarette up.. did they enjoy coughing and spluttering?
Did they enjoy the horrid taste and foul lingering smell?
Why didn’t they just say “no” to this ‘peer pressure’?
Most of my friends smoked in school and at first before they truly grasped me and my health I’d get offered a cigarette left right and centre and i just used to refuse point blank.
They’d leave and go hide somewhere to smoke this stick of tar and I’d stay in school.
Most of my family smoke and i love them all to pieces and the fact that they smoke doesn’t make me love them any less but i really do wish they’d quit AND not go back to them.
I don’t mean stop for a month or two and go back!!

I just see as though people who smoke take their healthy lungs for granted. They don’t appreciate the good health. They don’t appreciate what it’s like to breathe with good lungs and not damage them. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?
Why would you purposely damage them yourself? They keep you alive.
My lungs are damaged and there is nothing i can do about it nor was it my fault they are so damaged. I can’t help that but people who smoke can!
There is also a possibility that the smokers lungs can be that damages that they are then no good to help save someone once they pass away, if they are signed up on the organ donor list.

I would like to know why smoking is so attractive, when everyone i know who has quit (that’s stopped forever Mr Guiney & Miss Ogden!) have said it’s the best decision they made and they’d never start it again?
That’s what confuses me the most.

I guess i’ll just never know huh?

Take Care, Soph xoxo

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  1. There was a medical article published recently that showed the lungs of heavy smokers were starting to become similar to CF lungs. Something to do with the build up of inflammation?

    If that doesn't put smokers off...