Invinceable Me... and Day 20

Hello everyone,

WOOOHOOO! I figured out how to create a link to the website i am talking about so if you see any websites... all you have to do is click it now instead of having to copy and paste! The three websites on my previous post now have links.
Bloomin 'eck you'd have thought I’d have learnt earlier seen as though I’ve been using blogger for 3 years!
Better late than never.

Today has been ward round day. I have had a good report as i have gained weight and my lung functions are up. It seems to have been the longest ward round meeting in the world; they've been in there from 9am and they walked out at quarter past two!

They’re all extremely proud of me and the progress i am making. I’m proud of myself too... i have come along way since coming here from paediatrics. Things are picking up and i just hope it lasts. The longer i manage to keep off that transplant list the better i think.
I feel really good today, i was expecting to be told I’d need to stay in another week and he said with where i am right now that they’d normally be sending me home but they want to see if a couple more days will make a little difference. I’m fine with that though... i may be out for my trips to the MEN this coming weekend!
So once that was over i went into the gym and did 15 minutes on the bike. It was abit harder than yesterday but i think that was just because i was enjoying having a dscussion with my social worker that i was not happy to be interupted and dragged to the gym!
Therefore, when i was interpted by another physio during my gym session about the 'reflexology lady' being ready to pamper me i was more than thrilled that my 15 minutes turned into 10 :')
The reflexlogy was absolutly lovely! I loved it and could most definatly get used to it.
I was sat unable to move off my bed due to having the cream from the reflexology still on my feet when the art ad crafts lady on the ward decided to take pictures... OF A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!?
Every angle she took a photo, she manipulated the camera lense, she moved the fire extinguiser around.. it was mental. An hour and half she spent and then i decided that i should spend my time blogging instead of being a nosey parker!

I have been thinking alot about part of the post i wrote yesterday, “You see this is how it feels when you’re in this predicament. I feel like everyone is moving forward and life goes on but mine is stuck... i’m in limbo. I’m unable to do something or make something of myself at the moment. I’m in purgatory”

It made me want to have something to do whilst i’m sat waiting for my life to kick off. My open uni course has finished so I’ve been looking on the open uni website and it hit me... how much i love philosophy. How i adore sitting here and questioning things that we have no answer to. Debating and considering all the many possibilities. I think i may have found my ideal course that i want to pursue next. Philosophy and psychological studies. If i complete every module i will end up with a degree in philosophy and psychological studies. I really want to do this, i’m excited to be learning and it’s something that i am really intrigued about. I’m going to have to have a good look into it but after talking to my psychologist and social worker who have each studies philosophy or psychology, they think i’ll be a perfect candidate and will love every aspect of it. I’m hoping to have signed up by June and i’ll be working my first module over the summer as it ends in October but i’m still looking forward to it.

I bought a couple of books on Amazon today.
One is called ‘Sophie’s World’ which is a story book all about the history of philosophy and was advised by my social worker and a book named ‘The man who thought he married a hat’ which is a book about a man with schizophrenia who is adamant his wife is a hat. My psychologist said it was really good. I practically had a psychology lesson off her and she’s coming back on Thursday to teach me some more!! :D

I shall keep you all well informed in what i decide to do.

I’m feeling really good, positive and happy about my life right now.
Things are good but i don’t like to get too comfy as i never know how long this good run will last for..

On with today's photo challenge:

Day 20:- A Picture Of Somewhere You’d Like To Travel To.

I'd obviously really like to visit places such as LA in America, Las Vegas, the pyramids in Egypt, Finnmark but just to see the northern lights, a safari in Africa and of course, Australia!! I wanted to choose something really different though for this blog... because i like being one on my own So i chose............

This is Atlantis The Palm Hotel in Dubai.
It just looks like paradise. Have a look for yourself...
I’d love to go and spend a night in the Neptune Suite (maximum occupancy of 2 adults) This room offers:

• King bed
• 165 sq. mtrs.
• Streches over 3 floors with elevator and staircase
• Aquatic themed dining and living area with butler's pantry
• 24hrs private butler service
• Master Bedroom and Bathroom with floor to ceiling windows that look directly into the Ambassador lagoon
• View overlooks the Ambassador Lagoon and Aquaventure
• Free admission for Aquaventure and The Lost Chambers
• Complimentary airport transfers upon arrival
• Complimentary internet usage in your suite

How much do you reckon for 1 night only?!
Okay so not in this lifetime will i ever travel to this place but a girl can dream can’t she?!
Look at how beautiful it is!! :’)

Take Care, Soph xoxo

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  1. Brilliant news that your doing so well! :)
    That course sounds PERFECT for you!
    And sounds like i could learn a lot from your psychologist!! (oh and hope you put a good word in for me with your social worker!!)
    You were right yesterday when you said the place you were thinking of is paradise! It looks gorgeous! I could only dream of going somewhere like that!!
    xx <3 xx

  2. Glad your doing so well. Last time I was in Hotel Wythenshawe I read Sophie's World, it's a great introduction to the ideas of philosophy. The reflexology sounds good as well ;-)