Day 16

Hello all,

Day 1 in la pearce ward accommodation.
Sophie started overnight amonophylinne last night (this is a fluid infusion that is issued intravenously through my port, it loosens up the mucus on my chest enabling me to cough it up a little easier) and since then has been feeling a little nauseous and a little more productive.
Physios have been in to discuss the plan with me and i have been waiting for an x-ray all day!!
Chelsey has been here all day again and now we are just awaiting pizza and onion rings from the local pizza place <3
On with today’s blog which i have decided to change a little bit as i don’t have anyone i do weird things with because i don’t really do anything weird. :\

Day 16:- A Picture Of You And Someone You Do Weird Things With. (A Picture Of You And Your Best Friend!)

This is me and chels. Just to justify today's blog, here is us doing something weirdish.. it was halloween and we went all out!
We searched high and low for something to wear so we could go trick or treating :')
Bare in mind that we decided to go trick or treating on halloween night so everything.. EVERYTHING was out of stock near enough!
We scraped to get abit of black & white face paint & one tiny tube of fake blood and that was as halloweeny as our shopping trip got us. So we incorperated and creativlycame up with the idea to be dead children coming back as ghosts. We bought some white bed sheets and cut holes into them, we bought some dummies and teddies, we bought some talc to put in our hair once we had back combed it all and then we went all out with the fake blood and black and white face paint and this is what we came up with! Not bad huh?

Now it's time for my version of this blog..
This is Chelsey Ellen Thackeray. Her birthday is the 4th of May. She has a car we named ‘Tallulah’. Her favourite colour is yellow. She is in her second year of uni studying to be a nurse. She’d like to work on A&E, ICU or something like that. She has a keen interest in midwifery though. She prefers coca-cola to pepsi. She likes sweeties. She likes to sing. She likes salt and vinegar chipsticks and pickled onion monster munch. She has a ring on her finger that she bought in honour of her nan. She is beautiful and selfless. She is encouraging, helpful, caring and courageous. She works hard for what she has and where she is. She would do anything for anyone if she was needed. She puts others first before herself. I don’t think she fully understands just how much she is loved, appreciated and respected by me.

Chelsey is my friend who i have had to battle for at the beginning with some people being very silly. Chelsey is my friend who never gives up on me.
Chelsey is my friend who never forgets about me.
Chelsey is my friend who wouldn’t ever leave me to be alone.
Chelsey is my friend who spends all her free time sat next to me in hospital thinking of ways to amuse me.
Chelsey is my friend who doesn’t mind having to stop for a breather or coughing fit.
Chelsey is my friend who i look up to as a big sister figure.

Without Chelsey i’d be a very lonely, unhappy girl. I have never had a friend who would drop everything for me within an instant. Chelsey is a very special person who is lovely inside and out. Her beauty shines through and her heart of gold is monumental. She is a really strong person and never lets you know when something is wrong, she just keeps smiling and everyone smiles back because her smile is contagious. I know everybody says this but i mean it with all my heart that i don’t know what i would do without Chelsey. I’m lucky to have her as a best friend and i know that i’ll always have her. <3


Take Care, Soph xoxo
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  1. She sounds like an amazing friend! With CF, 'friends' come and go, but there are always the important people that will always stick by you! They are the one's who matter! :) lovely post! Hope you enjoyed your pizza! x

  2. Brilliant post again babe and your soooo right about your best friend!!!! she is definatley a STAR and you can tell she means the world to you hope the pizza an onion rings were yummy love ya millions.xxxxxx