homeward bound, plans and Day 24!

Hi, hello, bonjour!

Okay I am finally back and back home.
A quick little mention to something new on my blog, not sure if any of you have noticed it but I now have a new feature to my blog.
It’s a poll that I shall be asking a question to you all every month! I just thought it was something new and fun to add to my little online blog world. Allows me to get some questions answered so I’d appreciate if everyone who reads this will keep and eye out for it and give me there answer :)

Well, after 2 week in there being bored to death I have been let free.. I’m luck it was such a short stay really. Just with me being quite well I got bored terribly easy. Thankfully I had 4 avid visitors to keep me going.
My mum
My dad
My grandad, Emily, Beth and Arran’s mum (Gill) came a couple of times this admission too. It’s lovely to see some new faces and just to have the company. I know the hospital isn’t down the road but it’s 15-20 mins on the motorway. I really appreciate everyone who came to see me anyway.

So i came off the CGMS and the results came back that I was simply having too much insulin and since they lowered it on Friday (I think) my blood sugars have been tons better.
My lung functions have improved since admission, my times are better on the NIV and my x-ray looked clearer.
I have gained 3kg in two weeks and I am nearly back to my goal weight of 9 stone. I love being close to my normal weight! I love looking in the mirror and not seeing my hips bones sticking out, my ribs peeping when I breathed or my spine or collarbones protruding. I love seeing a fuller face instead of such a gaunt, poorly face staring back at me. I love my clothes fitting me better again. I love feeling more comfortable with myself. I love having a wobbly bum. I love my bra’s finally fitting me again! I love everyone telling me that I look well instead of commenting on how much weight I’ve lost.
I just like the chunk!
However, I am not so keen on it simply going to my abdomen and face and nowhere else! My stomach look like a potbelly and my face looks like I have squirrel cheeks. I really would rather have all this then go back to the bones but I’d also like to look a little better proportion wise.
Scrawny arms and chicken legs do not look so hot with a fat face and potbelly. :(

I go either go on the bike, go on the wii or i do a few toning exercises using the fitness ball every so often.. I was thinking of maybe starting swimming?
So obviously baring in mind that I am unable to exercise so vigorously and without 8litres of oxygen I was wondering if any of you have any tips or whether I should just stop whingeing and suck it up?
I am more than happy to do.. I was just curious as to whether I can make my arms look more full and my legs have abit of meat on them?

Anyhoo.. my little babe Roxie had missed me and she hasn’t left me alone all evening even following me into the bathroom when I went for a bath :’)

Got a few things I am wanting to do while I am out this time:

1) Go to my grandad’s grave and make it look nice with some flowers
2) Do my nana Grogans garden with my auntie Sonia (totally volunteered you without asking Sonia)
3) Write some blogs to be published later once this photo challenge is over.
4) Go shopping!
5) Buy my dad and Chelsey’s birthday pressies
6) Go to the grand national.
7) Spend atleast one evening a week just me and Arran
8) Movie day with Sonia
9) Have a brew & catch up with my auntie Max
10) Go to TGI’s again.

Finally before I go on with the photo challenge I’d like to just send yet another quick plug to Natalie Frenchum’s just giving page where all the money donated will be going to the CF Trust! Natalie is my best friend, Chelsey’s, mum. She is doing a parachute jump in June and needs as much help as possible to raise £500. We are so very close to her target and I would like to personally thank each and every one of you who have got your money out and voted for her.. it’s appreciated very much by not only herself but by all of us people with CF which rely on the research that the CF Trust put your kind donations into doing. As an added bonus not only is Nat doing the jump but also Chelsey Thackeray has guaranteed and agreed to audition for x-factor this Saturday (26-03-2011) dressed in fancy dress as a cowboy with a blow up horse. It will all be filmed and I can guarantee the video will be posted on here if we get that target goal of £500 on Nat’s just giving page!
So I am asking very nicely and begging all of you that have yet to donate to head straight over to http://www.justgiving.com/natalie-frenchum

Day 24 had to be a picture of me and one of my family members I didn’t want to choose one! JUST ONE!!
I don’t know if any of you know this but my family is bloody huge and so picking one would have been a nightmare. I had already written about in another blog previous to this one so I put a few names in a hat and picked one out at random. This is who I got.. on with today’s blog:

Day 24:- A Picture Of You And A Family Member

This is me and my cousin Christian. Isn’t he an attractive young man?

I have no photos of just me and him together but I actually LOVE this photo so I’m glad he got chosen out of the hat!

Christian makes me laugh A LOT!!
Like more than any other family member other than Beth. He’s just funny and everyone thinks so.
He makes me smile and I don’t really see him a lot but when I do I guarantee he’ll make me laugh or smile at the very least.
I cant remember myself but I am told when I was born he was in Australia playing rugby so when he came back home he brought me a HUGE teddy koala bear back with him.
He sings with my dad and has done for as long as I can remember from the good old days of Sharples Hall Street con club to a holiday camp place down in Wales :’)
Like our very own Max & Paddy!

He has a gorgeous wife named Lyndsey who is beautiful, intellectual and bloody funny! She’s also MINT at every take that official dance and knows every word to probably each and every one of the songs. She’s a number one fan 4life!
I got chosen to be a bridesmaid for there wedding and it was amazing. I had been a bridesmaid before for my mums wedding but I was 2 or 3 so cant remember it atall. So I felt amazing being a bridesmaid at 12-13 for my gorgeous cousin and his beautiful bride. I felt special and I remember crying sat in church as they said their vows… :’) what a girl! I also remember begging some supernatural force to not make me fall whilst walking down the aisle as it was the first time, flat footed me had ever worn a pair of heels! EVER! I practiced tons and thankfully made it down the aisle without tripping up or snapping my ankle.
I also sang a song for them at there reception that following evening.

I also remember back in August 2008 when I had my lobectomy them being my very first visitors after my op while in HDU at Pendlebury children’s hospital. I was supposed to be going watching rugby league at Wembley as Saint Helens who I support were playing and it was Paul Scunthorpe’s final game however obviously I missed it due to being out cold thanks to the morphine. I think it was the day after when I opened my eyes to see flags that had been given out at the game had overtaken my bed. :)
Christian and Lyndsey were both sat at the end of my bed and apparently he has been pre-warned not to make me laugh. I had tubes coming out everywhere and was quite out of it but I wont ever forget me smiling at all the little flags around me!

I really do love Christian and so if you happen to be out and you see him on your night out buy him an orange wkd for me ;)


Take Care, Soph xoxo
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  1. Lovely!! I have a similar relationship with my cousin Paul xx

  2. He will be so pleased that he was drawn out of the hat!!!! but you know he will swear blind that you had him stuck to your hand cause you love him the best!!!!! lol- and one day we might just get a normal picture!!!! think that only happened on his wedding day!!!! i also cant wait for our brew an chat session babe missed ya soooo much love ya millions.xxxxx