Day 11 & Day 12

Hello Everyone!

Day 11 & Day 12 shall be on today’s agenda as yesterday I was very busy for once!
When I eventually had time to write it, I was knackered and fell asleep instead. Apologies to all those who we’re let down by this.. *cough* Uncle Neil *cough*

So yesterday I ran some more very important errands with Chelsey and then said goodbye to her as she was going to Kent. My mum came home from work later that afternoon so we went for a walk around the garden centre and then to pick my sister up from school; we then went to Asda and then when my dad came home soon after, we went riding!
Yes.. I went riding for the first time in AGES!
It was great, I’d have thought I’d have forgotten how to after so long but nope, it was easy and it was enjoyable. It was abit chilly willy, but that wasn’t too bad ☺
It was teatime, then bath time and then feed time; which I fell asleep whilst being on. And then finally BEDTIME!
So as you can see, no time for day 11 yesterday!

Here are both Day 11 & Day 12:

Day 11:- A picture of a celebrity you have a crush on.

This is Adam Garcia. I suppose my crush isn’t half as bad as it was when I was in my younger teens and the film coyote ugly had come out and was my favourite film of all time! Adam Garcia was the leading male role and was probably the main reason I would quite happily sit and watch the film over and over, and over, and over again. I think he is currently seeing an actress called Amelia Warner.
He is from Australia, he can sing, dance and act! He has dark hair and blue eye <3
Things I like are dark hair, blue eyes and a nice smile. I think he’s good looking but I wouldn’t call it a crush anymore :’)
Day 11 was a rubbish one as I don’t really have a crush on a celebrity so atleast you all didn’t miss out on anything :D


Day 12:- A Picture Of Something You Love.

This is Roxie Wheeler ☺
She is a Teacup Yorkshire Terrier. She’s 11 month old which in dog years makes her nearly 7 years old! She is a very loving dog who enjoys being cuddled and someone tickling her belly.
I had been shown a picture of teacup yorkies and fell in love with them just before my 17th birthday last year so I begged my mum and dad for one but I had a feeling I wouldn’t be allowed one. So when I got let out of hospital on the 8th of July (the day before my birthday) I was sat eating my tea in the front room. I heard my dad walk in from work and he was talking to my mum in the kitchen. Suddenly in walked this tiny little teacup yorkie puppy! She was teeny tiny! I couldn’t believe I’d got her. I really wanted to call her Alfie but nobody would let me as they insisted that was a ‘boys only’ name! So I chose Roxie from my favourite musical, ‘Chicago’.

Roxie has her own facebook profile that I created whilst in hospital, boredom leads you to do some crazy things.
She is the cutest dog in the world.. believe me. She doesn’t really enjoy going out for wee when it’s raining, windy and cold. So she’ll stand as close to the backdoor outside as possible. She runs upstairs when you’re on the loo or in the bath to keep you company.. but be careful because she likes having a bath and would quite easily and happily jump in and join you. For a teeny, tiny dog she can jump high! Her favourite toy in the world is her ‘foxy lady’. It’s just a little fox teddy and it’s her baby :’)
She has a pink blanket which she sleeps on every night and is very protective over. She doesn’t like anybody approaching our house so she sits at the window on guard and waits for someone to come near it and then barks at them furiously!
I love Roxie as she keeps me company while i’m at home on my own all day, she gives me cuddles when I need them, she keeps my feet warm when she falls asleep on them and in the mornings she runs up into my room and jumps on my bed to wake me up and then lies there with me for abit and sits with me while I do my physio. She’s adorable but naughty at times!

<3 I love my little babe.

Take Care, Soph xoxo
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