Day 8

Good Evening!

Tonight is a late one eh? Been quite busy today running errands with Chelsey and then we had lunch out.
Thought I’d take the time to do day 8 while my dad had football on the telly. On with todays photo:

Day 8:– A Picture Of Someone Who Makes You Laugh.

Today’s pictures are none other than my younger sister Miss Bethany Paige.

Nobody makes me laugh like she makes me laugh. I can laugh at things that she says and does that if somebody else did I’d find unammusing. I don’t know what it is about her, she’s just a funny kid and she knows my sense of humour to a T!
Whether its her telling me some kind of joke, telling me a funny story about her day or her tanting and sulking like only miss wheeler can I can be in stitches and she’s the only person in the world who makes me loosen up and laugh till I cough & choke. I can’t help but giggle as she struggles to tell me something through laughing herself.
Her actions and voices as she reinacts something that’s happened is also hilarious. She’s going to be a great comedy actress one day, I swear to you!

She’s going to kill me for this but she was in an all-in-one sleep suit one day and for one reason or another had been told off, so she set off sulking and stormed into my room looking for me to take her side of the story I suppose; I’d heard the whole thing unravel and knew Beth was in the wrong and was just stropping so I set off laughing at her as she threw herself on my bed face down and flung her arms and legs in the air whilst screaming and crying in frustration and dramatic effects. The look of her in an oversized ‘baby grow’ sulking like a fully-grown baby tipped me over the edge and I erupted with laughter. Laughter I’d never allowed myself to drown in before. A full on belly laugh that hurt and made tears stream down my face and I could not stop! This made Beth rage even more and cry and scream more. Which just fuelled my laughter.
Take my word for it.. it was the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life!

I do love her though and when I need to just laugh away some worries or sadness she manages to make that happen, even when I feel like nothing or nobody in the world can. She’s special and I don’t think I’d be half as strong as I am if it wasn’t for her. She looks out for me and takes care of me even If she does drive me round the bend sometimes. I’d do anything for her and would put my life on the line for my boogle. She sometimes is forced to put me first when I’m suddenly admitted to hospital etc and that’s something that can’t be helped but she never sulks, whinges or moans about that and she’s so tough and strong. I think she could put some of us to shame with how well she copes with things. Nothing fazes the kid.
Overall though; she’s my personal comedian so back off!

Take Care, Soph xoxo
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  1. Haha this made me chuckle!!!! she sure is one crazy lady and can put a smile on your face even when you have had a really bad day!!!! Do you remember Florida and Mr Pickles!!!!!! now i wee myself when i watch the video!!!!sooooo funny love our little Bethy Boo!!!! xxxxx