Day 10

Hello everyone,

Well my luck ran out yesterday at clinic.. I should’ve kept shut! Must’ve jinxed it huh? ☺
Never mind! I have put 2 kilo’s on which is good news and they are very happy & impressed about that. However, my lung functions were down slightly. I’m happy about the weight though. Proves that having the PEG feeding tube and feeding near enough every night is obviously paying off and is all worthwhile.
I never expected miracles and I still don’t but If it helps me gain a little bit of weight and maintain it, that’s miles better than losing it and struggling to gain it back again.
Overall, the doctor thinks I am in need of IV’s so when a bed becomes available I’ll be getting a phone call to pack my bags and “come on down to..”
Costa Del Wythenshawe, Hotel Pearce Ward!
Another 2 week break at the lush resort! I make it sound heavenly huh? ;)
They were impressed and happy with me overall but I don’t know.. maybe I had my heart set on having 6 week out as little part of me felt abit gutted.

Not really done much today. The sun has been shining and I always feel like I really want to go out and do something amazing when it’s lovely looking weather but as soon as you step outside you soon realize it’s chilly todger out there!! Freezing cold unfortunately isn’t it!? Crappy North West weather!
Instead I went out for lunch with my mum and so that was really nice and I managed to walk round Tesco without my chair and I didn’t feel breathless or have to stop for a breather while coughing so that made me feel real good.

Here is today’s instalment of the ’30 day photo challenge’:

Day 10:- A Picture Of You When You Were Little.

Right I’m really hoping that the first photo you shall be seeing is me as a baby with a bonnet on my head! When I was little my mum and dad loved dressing me in little dresses with matching hats and baby bonnets and stuff. There are tons of them stuffed in my wardrobe still. I was a little ginger salty baby when I was little :’)
With a potbelly, obviously caused by my poor digestion. I think I was the cutest thing I have ever seen to be honest with you all. Sure you’ll all agree? ;)

Okay the next picture is my first school photo. Here I have creatively cut my own fringe the night before and erupted in cold sores. Oh how considerate of my younger self?
A messy fringe, a couple of pigtails and a cute button nose and the disaster that was me after trying my hand at being a hairdresser is transformed into a decent school kid I reckon.
Not bad mum! You saved the day!
I think it’s fair to say I was an utter nightmare when I was little which is unbelievable I’m sure those who know me will gladly tell you all. ;)
No seriously I was horrid. I was naughty. I was gobby. I didn’t care about school pupils or share my toys with them. I swore like an extra off shameless!
My language was terrible for such a young, dainty little thing. Credits to my papa. I believe I had a mile case of tourettes to be fair, I seemed to have this need to run behind the sofa and rhyme off every swear word I could possibly think of and then I’d step out from behind the sofa all refreshed as if nothing had just occurred.
I used to swear at my mum, my grandma, my auntie.. Everyone! People laughed though and so I carried on as I knew I got the attention. One day though people stopped laughing and started shouting and so the swear words stopped and I don’t really swear anymore. I don’t really see the need.
So there you have it, I was a little bugger when I was younger but I was cute and got away with it ;)

If only I stayed as you cute as that forever! :’)

Take Care, Soph xoxo
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  1. Awww sorry you didnt get your 6 weeks break babe!!!! but early I.V.s. this time might mean a longer break next time:) anyway my gorgeous salty baby girl how funny were you as a baby!!!!! and yep you got away with murder!!!!haha but didnt you all.keep smiling keep writing and keep strong, love ya millions xxxxx