Day 17

Afternoon all,

Costa Del Wythenshawe, Hotel Pearce had been quiet yesterday... peaceful?
Everyone was in the ward round meetings. It started off with the usual physio intervention.
It had just been a really weird day. Lows, highs, lows, highs, lows again. I woke up just feeling strange, like something just wasn’t right. I had an okay day really.. my dad had the day off work and so we had a movie day. Chelsey joined us of course!
Still felt a little offish but had no reason to so just carried on and enjoyed my day with my papa & Chels. Tuesday and Thursday are ward round day and there is a huge meeting that goes on involving the whole of my team. This includes; Physios, Doctors, Nurses, Dieticians, Psychologists, Social workers and the NIV team. One of my doctors, Roland, came round at about half 3ish and told me that everyone is very impressed with me and happy with me and that i have done great as far as treatments, weight and generally keeping well. I’ve been using my NIV alot more and my blood gases were good, my x-ray was looking better, my weight had come up and my treatment regime was working better clearly as I’d managed 6-7 week without needing IV’s and things haven’t gone downhill too much. My lung functions had dropped slightly but they weren’t too bothered by that really.
Overall, a glowing report.. which i love because it proves that my hard work is paying off and shows my CF team that i am trying my very best. This still didn’t brush off the feeling that something wasn’t right though.
Next i went in the gym and pushed myself to do 15 minutes no stopping on the bike... with 8 litres of 28% oxygen of course. I did it and felt good afterwards but still something just felt wrong.

I sat down and attempted to write this blog all night and just couldn’t focus. I then got some sad news about a very lovely friend of mine and it knocked me a little. It made me appreciate things just a little more and made me wish that everyone could see life through my eyes and not take so much for granted or worry over silly little things, that when it all boils down to the nitty gritty... the little things that seem so huge don’t matter atall.
That’s it isn’t it?!
The three key’s to happiness.

I decided to email her instead and by the time i had finished that i was knackered and fell asleep whilst writing this. I am certain you all won’t mind this being a late post. I didn’t want to write it while my mind wasn’t really on it as it would have been rubbish and effortless almost.
So here is Day 17’s blog:

Day 17:- A Picture Of Your Favourite Song

This was deemed impossible by ME! I have too many songs that i class as my favourite. When you are someone who listens, relies and depends on music as much as i do; it becomes impossible to choose. In an old previous post i have explained how i love to sit and dissect the lyrics and meanings of a song... the story behind it.
I also love how a song can make you feel things or remember a time or point in your life when you could relate to every aspect of the words. It amazes me how music has that ability.
I have decided to choose three of my top songs.

Plug in baby – Muse

It was the first Muse song i had ever listened to and i was hooked immediately. I feel like all Muse’s songs have a meaning but even Matt Bellamy has no idea what it is! :D haha.
He seems to just play the music and let words just pour out of his mouth. I have however taken the time to really look into this song and so this is what i have come up with..
It’s a failed relationship that he then turns to his guitar to overcome it. His Plug in baby is his guitar :’) It’s the music i love the most with Muse. There is no-one like them and there never will be i don’t think.

I’m not Dead – P!nk

I love this song. This song reminds me of a time in my life when everything was going full steam ahead and i was just like, “WOAHHH!!”
It just lets all the madness in my head disappears for abit.. especially the chorus part where it goes quite melodic. It reminds me of a time when my head just needed to shut down for abit but I’d promise I’d be back. It’s a good song with an edgy beat.

What’s Up – 4 Non Blondes

This song just puts the smile right back on my face... no matter what.
I know every single lyric to this song off by heart. <3
It makes me feel strong... makes me feel like a really strong girl that can just shrug off whatever comes to knock her down. I like that.

Take Care, Sophie xoxo
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  1. Mmmm the 3 Ls-- LIVE== LAUGH== LOVE===!!!! You are sooo right babe best medicine i the world.xxxxx