Day 9

Good Morning Everyone,

Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone but this is my fifth week out of hospital. This hasn’t happened in a very, very long time. I haven’t even felt the need for IV’s and although my clinic appointment is at 3.15 this afternoon, I am hoping they will agree with me that the need for IV’s just isn’t urgent at the moment and allow me to go onto my 6th week out of hospital and continue on with some orals! Fingers crossed guys! I haven’t wanted to say anything on my previous posts for fear of ‘jinxing’ it. So I kept my mouth shut but the day has come for my fate of freedom to be decided by whomever I see at clinic. You shall all be informed in tomorrows post so stay tuned guys!

On with today’s photo challenge and may I just say.. whatever I write for the chosen people will never suffice for how grateful and thankful I am to them. Nor how much love and respect I have for them both. Words just can’t describe that kind of thing.. not really.

Day 9:- A Picture Of Someone Who Gets You Through The Most.

So I can’t have one without the other because when it comes to this.. they’re a team! When it comes to needing them, I need them both and when I need them the most.. they’re both there for me without shadow of a doubt.
My mum and dad are the people who get me through the most.
They’ve gotten me through the past 17 & a half years of life.

They’ve bought me every “Mr Men & Little Miss” book going. They’ve laughed at my naughtiness during lower primary school. They’ve watched me win perfect badge on Friday mornings at primary school. They’ve attended the awards ceremony in which I took home ‘Head Teachers Award’. They’ve payed for lessons and allowed me to become a great horse rider at a very young age. They’ve watched me take home 1st and 2nd place rosettes and trophies for show jumping at the tender age of 12. They’ve watched me sing & dance my little heart out to Britney Spears. They’ve took me on holiday nearly every year of my life. They’ve allowed me to inherit both intelligence and beauty ;)
They’ve given me everything I could ever want, need and have. They’ve taught me manners and respect.

On the other hand, they’ve wiped the tears, sweat and blood from my body in times or despair, devastation and struggle. They’ve counted every second of every minute, of every single hour go by whilst I’ve been in theatre having a major operation. They’ve cried for me when my dreams and hopes come crashing down or crumble to a complete standstill. They’ve stuck it out when all my other friends dwindled off. They’ve re-built my self-esteem and optimism when it has been smashed to smithereens by another knock back from my health. They’ve spoken words that make my darkest and worst days seem a little brighter and happier. They’ve offered me and endless amount of love and support. They’ve built, moulded and shaped me into the girl I am today and the woman I will become.

They are my mum and dad. They are what keep me so determined.

Take Care, Soph xoxo
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  1. What a fantastic tribute to 2 very special people your MUM an DAD. you have said it all in the above babe brilliant love ya millions.xxxxxx

  2. very true words spoken babe your all a great team keep up the good work xxxxxx
    love you all lots xxxxxx shaz

  3. aww this made my eyes fill up! xxx