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Today has been weird being left to my own devices and not having the constant rush of people such as physio, nurses, doctors and dieticians! Back to normal again for a while and it was just abit weird. Loved my cuddle with roxie this morning though…

I took roxie for a walk around the block, started reading my new book, had a chat with Sonia, made pasta for my dinner and did some gardening in the backyard. Now Chelsey, Arran and me are going shopping tonight at the Trafford centre and sneaking in a TGI Friday’s for tea! :D
There are a couple of events coming up. I have mother’s day, my dad’s birthday, Chelsey’s birthday and my friend Chloe’s birthday!
As well as needing a few new clothes myself that will fit! Also I shall need some party dresses this year as we have some big parties coming up!

It’s Chelsey’s 21st birthday on the 4th of May so I am getting her 21 presents so far she has 6 so I’m not doing bad yet. All the little presents are easy and I’m getting loads of ideas for them but it’s just the one big present really that I’m unsure of. I have two ideas in mind so we’ll see. Think I’m going to wait nearer the time to see what happens and how I think it’ll play out.
She has to get me 18!
I thought for a while about this one and I decided to go with all my school memories. They have to be my favourite. I’ve spent most of my life so far in it. On with today’s blog:

Day 25:- A Picture Of Your Favourite Memory

I went to Watersheddings Primary School where my main goal in life was to stay on the ‘always board’ and keep my yellow badge and get chosen to be perfect person on a Friday’s Perfect Assembly so I could wear that red & gold oval ‘Perfect” badge.
It was a pure privilege and everyone competed for it.
I was a cheeky kid in primary school but I had most of the teachers wrapped round my little finger. I wasn’t naughty, just cheeky & gobby but I was clever and I worked hard in lessons so I tend to get away with it. I got a Level 5 in both Science & English in my year 6 SATS and at the end of my school time at watcersheddings I was nominated and won head teachers award, It was the biggest award you could possibly win. I was more than happy!
My favourite teacher in sheddings was either Mrs Booth, Mrs Zarada or Miss Crowley. They were the best!

In Secondary school I was quiet… I seemed to have had a total personality switch with my then best friend ‘Laura Wheeler’ (nope, she isn’t any kind of relation to me, just coincidence!) she was always the timid and shy one in primary while I was a loud and outgoing person. We got into Secondary school and I suppose it sunk in that I wasn’t the oldest in the school and I was so small in comparison to all these other boys & girls. The school itself was massive and I think I was just put in my place by all of it.

I made good friends with a girl named Aimee Burns who I stayed friends with all the way through school. We had our fallouts but for some reason we always-crossed paths and got through it on the other end.
A boomerang almost? Haha.
She was my best friend from year 7-11 and so I guess you can imagine just how many memories I have with her! Some very good times that I both treasure and miss. We have our differences in the past and in the present but I think she knows that I’ll be there whenever she needs me.
We had a massive fallout just as we finished school and we haven’t really spoke properly since, which sucks. Everything happens for a reason though right?
We just needed to grow up and together we were too childish and silly :’)
I think we are different people now, we each have very different lives but I love the girl.

My little, close group of friends in school consisted of:
Chloe, Aimee, Becky, Pippa, Clare, Jodie, Hannah, Lizzie, Rob, Shaun, Tim, Lewis and Ashley.
Favourite lessons in school were, history, English and math. I was crap at maths but I like my teacher and nearly everyone in the class! :D
My least favourite was geography, ICT and Science. I used to dread those lessons!

Finally, I can’t have school as my favourite memory without mentioning the most unforgettable part of it.
We ha our prom at Old Trafford (Manchester United’s Football Ground)
It was a good night that I won’t ever be able to forget and it was the last time I saw most of the people I went to school with all together.
June 23rd 2009 was the date of our prom and my favourite part of it all was the shopping for stuff beforehand and the getting ready part :’)
I had a lime green dress and it was absolutely stunning and I had a really sparkly clutch bag from john Lewis. Didn’t have very high heels though!
Miss Samantha Ogden did my hair and I just loved every minute of feeling special. I genuinely felt really amazing that day.

I really did love school and I wish I could go back. I love how much your grow and learn as a person throughout school. <3

Take Care, Soph xoxo
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  1. Ohhh you cant beat a trip down memory lane to infant school!!! and your sooo right you was a cheeky kid but gorgeous with it!!!!! some great pics here babe and fantastic memories!!!! love ya millions.xxxxx