concerts, justgiving AND Day 23

Hello everyone,

The script was really good last night, i didn’t know a couple of the songs but the atmosphere for “man who can’t be moved” was mental. The arena was packed out! I have never seen it so full... there were no spaces anywhere and the ground floor was standing and that was overloaded with people too. They got everyone to sing ‘the man who can’t be moved’ without any music and everyone did, crystal clear... i bet that was something they won’t ever forget to have everyone singing YOUR lyrics back to you in a full arena!

Tonight i have McFly to entertain me at the MEN tonight... this time me, Chelsey and my sister, Beth will be going. I’m quite looking forward to it really. McFly were in there element of their career when i was in school. I loved them to be quite frank with you all. Not really listened to them in a while though so not really sure what’s coming this evening but my obsession must’ve left me and infected my sister instead. She loves them so i can’t wait to take her :)
The tickets were a Christmas present off me and Chelsey.

Comic Relief did great i hear didn’t they around 74 million?
Shocking really just how generous people can still be even in these hard times with the recession and job cuts. Makes me feel all warm inside :)
As bad press spread in the media about Britain, it’s nice to know we can shut them up when we manage to do something like that!

I want to quickly add yet another reminder for those of you that forgot to go to Natalie Frenchum’s justgiving page. All of it is going to The Cystic Fibrosis Trust. One that is obviously close to my heart :)
You all may think i’m mithering but i’m sure you can understand why. There are a few rumours going around the CF forums that a new drug is being trialled that will hopefully treat the faulty gene. It won’t be the mutation i have as apparently it will help around 25% of people with CF. I think the mutation of the gene that i have will fall into the other 75%.
Either way... The CF Trust needs your help, support and generosity more than ever!
I would deeply appreciate anything you can give. Bloomin eck if all my friends on facebook just donated £1 that would be £210.
How crazy is that?
I’m not asking for a big donation as i know that things are tough as far as finance goes at the moment but every tiny little donation really does go a real long way.
Thank you in advance!


On with today’s photo challenge:

Day 23:- A Picture Of Something You Crave.

Well i go through fazes of things i like to eat... i like things for a while but then i move on and start wanting other things all the time.
One thing that sticks and that i could eat all the time, whenever and wherever is TGI’s and especially there Jack Daniels Sesame Chicken Strips. Just writing about them and looking at the picture is prodding at my festering addiction!

I haven’t been to TGI’s in a while but me and Chelsey usually go quite frequently and at one point we were there that often that the waiter recognised us; and when Chelsey went with her family and i didn’t go, the waiter asked her where i was! :’)

I just like the atmosphere in TGI’s. However, the chicken strips kind of draw me back more than anything.

Take Care, Soph xoxo
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