Day 18

Hello everyone,

I’m writing today’s blog whilst drinking some full fat milk and eating ginger nut biscuits!

First of all before i get into blogging mode... i’d like to point you all in the direction of Chelsey’s mum’s just giving page. She is doing a sponsored parachute jump in June for Cystic Fibrosis and her target is £500 but I’d love it if we could blow the roof off the target and soar up and beyond for her! She is a magnificent lady who just before Christmas quit smoking and hasn’t touched one since all because she took an inspiration from me and i feel honoured that i was able to make such a major impact. I think she is amazing for quitting and actually sticking at it. I also think she is very brave for doing this parachute jump all in aid of finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.
Please head to and dig deep for her... i know it would mean the world. Thanks in advance!

Okay well i have had a total mood change today... woke up feeling good and happy! Really happy.
It feels great. I adore waking up in a great mood; i feel like it sets you up for the day and makes everything better. My mum, dad and Beth visited today so that was nice and we had a few laughs and things. I miss them all when i come in here. I spend all my time at home usually so i’m always with them... especially Roxie. We have all day together while everyone is at work and school. Plus she can’t visit :(
They went home before teatime and then Chelsey came and we decided to go on the hunt around Wythenshawe estate for some take away places as teatime at the weekends aren’t much cop!
We found a scrumptious Chinese chippy so we shared chicken chow mein. It was delicious. I’m usually quite fussy with chow mein’s and never get them but i just fancied one so bad. It was a wise decision and i also got the numbers of the Chinese, the Indian next door and the pizza place across the road. Indian and pizza place both have free delivery... GOOD EFFORT?!

My boy wrote me a lovely email today. I’m missing him alot! He has been full of a cold and therefore, been unable to see or visit me for the past week. When you’re in hospital it always seems that little bit longer :(
My email made it all worthwhile though and was just what i needed at the time! He’s feeling tons better now so i’m hoping to get a sneaky visit at some point tomorrow off him. I can’t bloody wait.

On with today’s photo challenge:

Day 18:- A Picture Of Your Biggest Insecurity.

Okay i have a few things i’m not ecstatic about with myself but there isn’t anything i would change because i like having some imperfections, it makes me normal.. as can be ;)
One thing i would definatly change if i could with an instant would be my teeth. I hate them. They’re very straight, fit nicely in my mouth and have never needed any fillings but the colour of them is awful and i’m so self conscious about them that i very rarely smile with my teeth showing. No matter how much i brush them, look after them or anything the colour remains the same and they always have been quite discoloured as far as i can remember. My dentist says it’s due to me being a mouth breather and having so much medication. I think i hate my teeth more than any other imperfection because they are the most obvious. Everyone sees them and there is no hiding them unless i keep my mouth shut; impossible for me right? ;D
Joking aside, i am very insecure about them that even smiling with my teeth in front of Arran is a struggle. I just don’t like them atall. I’d quite happily have veneers or something, anything that will make their appearance much better.

We all have our flaws, my blog ‘Beautiful Flaws’ that you can find using my blog archive and going back to April 2009 which is probably one of my favourites explains a few of mine.
Like it says, i’m not perfect and i don’t think perfection can be defined in the dictionary. I think perfection is perceived differently by each individual. Perfection is never the same in people’s eyes. I love that though! Don’t you?
I think that proves that nobody can ever feel not worthy or beautiful or generally just ‘not enough’ because to someone or many people you’re everything they want and need.
Nobody in this world can see beauty within ourselves but other people can.

Take Care, Soph xoxo

SIDE NOTE: Hi everyone... sorry if you had read it whilst my blogger was having some kind of breakdown. Apparently, you couldn’t see all of the blog and big chunks where missing which is a shame but i think it’s fixed and i hope it won’t be happening again! Thanks V for pointing it out to me because on mine it was appearing normal. Love Soph <3
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  1. What happened to the actual challenge bit?

  2. oops.. have i fixed it?

  3. No problemo lady :) Sorry I had fallen asleep by the time you got back to me.

    I have the same problem with my teeth, hate them sooo much!!