Spoke to soon?... AND Day 21

Hello everyone,

So yesterday i told you all how everything was on the up and that I’d possibly be coming home tomorrow... i knew i'd spoke too soon! I told you i wasn't getting comfy as i'm unsure as to just how long this good run will last.

Lung Functions.
My lung functions are a little bit down, it's nothing major and it's still above 1.0 and 2.0 which they love me to be and is still good for me. However, i can't help but be a little disheartened by this. I know it's silly, but i get quite competitive with myself whilst doing it and i attempted to improve my score over and over and over again till my lungs were practically screaming at me to STOP!
On Monday when i did the really good blow i felt really proud and just really pleased that my hard work is paying off; but part of me was a little gutted as i knew this meant that it would be harder to improve next time round. It had improved massively, especially after one week of IV's. Physio was still impressed and happy and told me not to be hard on myself... i can't help it though. Not when i work so hard to get better.

Low Blood Sugars.
My blood sugars have been dipping quite low throughout my admission this time. No reason really as to why and my diabetes’s doctor wasn't concerned atall. Just told me to keep a check on them and have sweets at hand! I had some dextro tablets in my bag so i have been treating my hypo's (low blood sugars) with them. Hypo’s are awful if they’re symptomatic. I personally get ridiculously shaky, i have hot & cold sweats, i feel heavy and i just don’t have the energy to move atall and i sometimes get palpitations. Hypo’s aren’t always symptomatic and that’s when it can be quite worrying!
Today they have been uncontrollable and extremely symptomatic! I woke up at half 7 and my blood sugar before breakfast was 4.2
Normal bloods range from 4.0 - 7.0!
I had my breakfast at 9.30am and had sausage butties with loads of ketchup with some fresh orange juice. My blood sugar pre breakfast was taken around 12.10am and came in at 3.4 so i was given some pure orange juice, had a dextro tablet and ate some biscuits.
They were re-checked at 12.45am they were 3.6... slowly coming back up but after what i treated it with, they should have been back within the 'normal' range. They rang the CF/Diabetes nurse, Dianne.I explained to her that I’d been having a few low sugars in the duration of my admission and that it was unusual for me to have hypo's. I told her that with me gaining 4kg in weight i was expecting my blood sugars to rise and for me to need more insulin to compensate for the extra weight. I suggested lowering my insulin dose.
However, she told me that this can't happen as my HbA1C was high. (This is one blood sugar test that measures the average glucose level over the past three month) She thought about it and asked if it would be okay with if she fitted a CGMS (continuous glucose monitoring system). I’ve had one before a couple of times so i was fine with it. This will measure my blood sugars every few minutes. They will then download the results onto the computer once it’s over and my blood sugars will show up on a graph.
It is a little glucose sensor that gets placed under my skin on my stomach, it stays there constantly until the monitoring is over. It’s attached to a non-inserted transmitter which is a little machine that can fit into my jeans or joggers pocket. I think it stays there for a day or two.
Here is a picture of it...

So i am thinking that i may not be coming home tomorrow as once anticipated. That’s fine by me though as i was expecting to be in till Tuesday anyway. I was a little uncertain about finishing my IV’s before the two week course was done but we’ll see what they say tomorrow... they may allow me to go home later on Friday or maybe sometime in the weekend?
You never know!

Overall, as long as my sugars get sorted out that’s fine by me! On with today’s photo challenge:

Day 21:- A Picture Of Something You Do That Makes You Happy.

I enjoy doing loads of things but what i love doing the most is just reminiscing, just sitting here on my own and thinking back to certain points in my life where i had some powerful emotion or something like that.

I’ve really enjoyed reading my old posts and reflecting on my life and how it is now and how it was back then and it fascinates me. I love emotion and life lessons and the whole aspect of life. I enjoy sitting here to myself and thinking strange questions that i will never know the answer to because there is now wrong or right answers.
Questions such as, “How weird is that each and every single one of us has completely different lives?”stupid question but true. I people watch alot and it totally amazes me. The human mind amazes me... totally baffles me at times. I find myself asking questions such as, “How does our mind manage to store so much information, so many memories and so many feelings?”
This is why i am thinking philosophy and psychology will be ideal for me.

I love thinking and feeling emotions. I love writing these blogs and laying out whatever comes to my head. I love having time to myself sometimes. I love me time. Me time is one of my favourite things to do <3

Take Care, Soph xoxo
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