let's play catch up & Day 26 and LOVELOVELOVE!

Good Evening,

Well I’d like to thank every one who has gone onto Natalie Frenchum’s justgiving page to donate money for both Nat’s parachute jump and Chelsey’s X-Factor audition. She auditioned yesterday (26.03.2011)
She sang, Adele’s ‘Someone Like You” but unfortunately didn’t get through to the next round. She queued from 2am Saturday morning outside Manchester United’s Old Trafford Football Ground in the freezing cold alongside many other contestants. She deserves a bloody medal. At the moment the grand total stands at £613 might as well round that up to a very nice £1000 right?
Come on... you can’t blame me for trying! I just cant believe that if everyone I know just gave £2 it would be unbelievable just how much we’d get! Blows my mind.

So I was advised recently by the lovely, Woody to have a listen to radioheads album ‘the bends’ as he discovered I love muse and reckoned I would like that album so I’m currently writing this blog whilst having a listen to them ☺
I would therefore, really like to thank Mr. Woody for introducing me to this wonderful album which is currently being downloaded onto my itunes!
I think my favourite might just be ‘iron lung’
I love the composition & music.
They won’t ever live up to muse though.

I just want to quickly mention how special it was for me to be mentioned in Victoria Glen’s blog on her inspirational people. I was very touched that someone who I admire and aspire to be like thought such beautiful things about me. Actually brought a tear to my eye because I am such a softie obviously!
At the end of the day, I just see her as being so strong, so courageous and brave and more determined then anyone I have ever met. She continuously remained independent throughout all the stages of her life. No matter how ill she got she remained constantly dependent on herself and I totally admire that and would do anything atall to be able to be like that when I get to that point. I don’t want to give in and admit defeat I want to fight as strongly as she did and overcome the bad! How much more motivation can you get than somebody who achieved exactly what you want to eventually?
It’s my drive to be able to do it because Tori did and I just can’t ever begin to express how much love I have for the beautiful fiery haired lady! <3
Not much to report other than that so…. On with today’s blog:

Day 26:- A Picture Of Something That Means A lot To You.

This is bloody impossible to choose just one thing so I’m going to choose LOVE!
That’s allowed right?
I love to be loved… doesn’t everybody?
I’m going to write about my major things that I love in all the different ways :)
Yes.. there shall be a few pictures in this one so prepare yourself people!!

I obviously love my mum and dad and as you can tell from the previous blog they are worthy of much more than a few words or paragraphs on my online blog! I love my dad’s ability to make everything okay. He manages to make me feel safe and okay when things just don’t seem it. I love my mums’ ability to make me feel NORMAL! :)
It is there 15th wedding anniversary this in June of this year. I love them with all I got and there love will forever be unlimited and unconditional.
I love you mama.
I love you papa.

Then there is Arran, my boyfriend. I’ve been with him for 19 month and I still get the butterflies and goose bumps. He knows exactly how to make me smile and knows just when I need that little boost. He can read me like a book and there really aren’t many people who achieve that. I’ve been told I’m very hard to read as I’m a great pretender. I have a flawless fake smile and just get on with things and tackle things head on and deal with the impact all by myself. I don’t mean to do it but that’s just how I’ve coped and its adapted and stuck on. Force of habit makes it hard to erase the fake smiles and things. There are no fake smiles with him though. He knows. I don’t know how and I guess I never will but I think it’s special. I’m not the easiest of jigsaws but he’s finally fitting and getting the pieces together now. I’ve never felt this feeling before and I really like it very much and don’t want it to ever go. Yes we are young and I know that but with me needing him more than ever at times… I suppose we can’t help but have a close relationship at 18 years old. When things are real bad or when I am thinking about things and I start to worry… I like to just picture what my life could be like with him in a few years and I get so excited you wouldn’t believe. That’s why I need to stay so healthy. It’s for that future i picture in my head because it’s so bloody beautiful. He makes me happy, he makes me feel special, he makes me feel beautiful and he makes me laugh like no other! My Booshy boy!! <3 I love you.

My sister Bethany is absolutely amazing and although we fight and we argue I would die for the girl. She makes my whole life better and she is my back up support system and she has no idea that she is. When I feel like I’m slipping and starting to fall apart a little... I think of Beth and I think of some of the funny stuff or the real cute stuff and it just helps me get my bum in gear, keep my head up and smile! The funniest kid in the world she is and the most beautiful girl I ever did see. She really is gorgeous... she’s going to break a few hearts I’ll tell you ;)

My other ‘sister’ is Chelsey. So she isn’t in any way related to me by blood or law but she has been there for me more than any other friend ever has and so to simply class her as a friend would be an insult as she is worthy of so much more.
I’m privileged to have her I really am. I will forever treasure her as there aren’t many people who have a friend like Chels. I’m lucky but I do hope she knows that she’s lucky too I will always be here for her. I’ll do anything in my power to help her out if I can. I know I must be a pain in the arse for her sometimes and I often feel like a burden to her but I know she knows that if our roles were reversed I’d do exactly the same for her. She is currently a student nurse and in her second year at uni. She is going to be a fantastic nurse she has all the qualities needed. Chels has a heart of gold; she is selfless, caring, smiley, approachable, helpful, chatty, reassuring and encouraging.
I Love Both Of My Sisters Forever & Always. <3

Obviously this is the love that I have for my gorgeous babe… Roxie Wheeler.
My little girl will be one-year-old next month. I feel as though she is my baby. I love her as though she is my child and when I have a horrid dream that she has ran away or got hurt, I wake up crying! :(
Everyone has a soft spot for Roxie as she is the most loving puppy girl you will ever come across and she is just too cute!
I actually go to bed at night looking forward to my cuddle I know I’ll be getting in the morning off her. She sneaks up the stairs, through my door, jumps on my bed and buries her way under the covers till she finds me and then she just sits with me while I do my physio and coughing up etc.
She looks after me and keeps me company while everyone is out at work & school all day etc.
I love Roxie Wheeler! <3

My two favourite non-living things in life are music & writing.
I love how music is truly what feelings must sound like, don’t you agree?
I have a deep and meaningful infatuation with music, it’s something that everyone can agree on. Not everyone reads a book or watched telly but EVERYONE listens to music one way or another.
I think music can act like a mental time travelling device. When you hear certain songs does it take you back to a point in time when something was going on or something was happening. Maybe a break-up or a rebellious stage in your teenage years or a first date or kiss maybe?
I like to dissect the song and find out what the story and meaning of the song is and I also like to sit and listen to the interesting instrumental parts... muse have tons!

Writing is my second love.
I do love writing but I have to be fully and utterly dedicated to it. I am trying my best to stick at it I promise you this. I like writing stories and creating characters more than anything. I like creating these tiny dramas as they just flow and come from nowhere. It’s the planning I hate. If I am writing a story I just write it all out however it flows and then I structure it all etc.
Fictional or non-fictional i love them all.
You can quote me on this as i have said it many times before, but i love how words can have such a powerful effect on you.
They can transport you to a different place, make you feel things you’ve never felt before, make you go through things you’ve never experienced before. Take you places you’ve never been, see things you’ve never seen.
I love how words can awaken your imagination. How suddenly that little kid inside you appears again to paint pictures in your head.
I adore how writers have that ability to make you laugh, cry, inspire, imagine, FEEL things.
It amazes me… after all, they’re just words aren’t they? :)

Okay I think I’d love to finish off this blog with this video by a beautiful and admirable lady named Eva Markvoort. She had Cystic Fibrosis and created a lot of publicity and awareness for CF and Organ Donation over in Canada & the States mainly but she was a big inspiration to people all over the world really. Eva got her transplant but then went into chronic rejection and was placed back on the waiting list but the call never came and devastatingly Eva passed away on March 27th 2010 at 25 years old.
This video shows Eva singing a song that I always sing too and it fits perfectly with today’s blog… goodnight & sweet dreams Eva <3

Take Care, Soph xoxo
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  1. I'm blushing!! Thank you lovely, every word I said was so true and you are just as strong as me if not stronger having went through what you already have. Love to you too xx

  2. fantastic blog again babe and i love catching up with your other friends you are all so inspirational!!!! and strong ( not sure about my spelling haha but you know what i mean) keep livin an keep lovin an keep smilin love ya millions.xxxxx

  3. Awww, yes Tori G is a legend (just don't tell her!), but I think you're all inspirational. x

    Glad you like the album, it's one of my faves. Fake Plastic Trees is my favourite but I like all the songs really. Actually, the album is sort of a trilogy with "The Bends" in the middle and "Pablo Honey" and "OK Computer" either side. But the Bends is the best IMHO ;-)