Music 4 Life

Hello everyone,

I woke up today feeling fresh as a daisy! : )
Tube free and all that ; )
I decided to go in the gym and do 30 minutes speed: 4.5 – 5.5 and incline: 4.5%
I then got bored so thought i’d try 7% incline ... :O My lungs didn’t like it : )
So we stayed at 4.5% incline haha.
Today’s playlist:

• Misery Business – Paramore
• Brighter – Paramore
• Decode – Paramore
• Knight’s Of Cydonia – Muse
• Supermassive Black Hole – Muse
• Sexy Back – Just Surrender
• Lollipop Remix – Framing Hanley

After the gym i practiced a few songs because i haven’t done that for a while, i think my singing voice has been wondering where i’ve been all this time.
Anyway, i did that and then sat to do my blog and here i am.
All day i have been wondering what to do my blog on and then whilst singing; i thought, let’s do it on something i’m proud of, something i’m proud to be a part of, something i’m proud many people are a part of.
I’m going to do it on the charity concert ‘Music 4 Life’.

The concert takes part on a bank holiday Sunday afternoon in August at the Dog and Partridge in Oldham. The owner Dave and his partner Deb own the pub and have been hosting a live outdoor concert for a few years now. However, for the past two years, one of the charities’s that benefit from the concert is the CF Trust.
As you all know, this charity is close to my heart. Therefore, my dad contributes alot to the concert, comparing, music technician and also artist. Alot of preparation goes on behind the scenes. Including months of planning, road closure permissions, advertising as well as booking of local artists and bands.
All the artists give up their time and effort to perform for free on the day. Also, how could i forget to mention the generous public who turn up to have a great day and raise money for worthy causes.
I just want to mention that the other charity that usually benefits from the concert is ‘Kidscan’ which is a charity that specifically support’s research into new and improved treatments for children with cancer. Yet again, another awesome charity. : )

Last year on the 24th of August (2008), at 1pm the concert began kicking off with amazing entertainer that is Mr Andy Lee. Next to perform was me ... WOO!!! (That’s where your all supposed to go ...”YAY!!” )
A few more artists performed including:
Laura Mac, Wild ‘n’ Wicked, an amazing Elvis impersonator, Stifler’s Mom, Emma Sharrock, Hayley, The Waterheads and many more.
A quick thank you to those artist for their time and talent : )
Also on the day , there was an auction, a few tombola’s, raffles and a few celebrities turned up to enjoy the beautiful day.
Kevin Fletcher was one of the celebs, the actor who plays Andy Sugden in Emmerdale and Barry Mc’Dermott, the former England rugby league player.
I hate to talk about the weather but i have to say ... it was lovely, the sun came out for Oldham : )

After a great day and the help of hundreds possibly thousands of people who turned i am pleased to say that Music 4 Life raised £10,000 for both charities. Therefore, CF Trust and Kidscan walked away with £5,000 each to go towards research and support.

This year WILL be bigger and better and this year we WILL raise more money than Music 4 Life ever has.

Here are a few pictures for you to have a nosey at.

Take Care, Sophie xoxo
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  1. The work that goes on behind the scene to organize this event must be unbeleivable!! but the people who turn up have a fantastic day from babies in prams to nannas in wheelchairs dancin an sing into the wee small hours and having a few beers of course ha ha . cant wait for August and lookin forward to another great day out oh an Sophie lovin the picture with Mr M .XXXXX

  2. Sophie Wheeler, posing with a proper rugby legend, and wearing a proper rugby shirt, good girl!!!!