Ten Years From Now


I haven’t wrote a blog for a few days. I knew this was going to happen once i got back to school, with GCSE’s coming up i’m pretty busy.
I have had the day off today and i got thinking about school, college, university, basically the future.
Therefore today’s blog is going to be on my aspirations.

It’s weird to know that i have only a couple months left in school and then i’ll no longer be a school kid. The weirdest part will be, not seeing everyone every day. My best friends, the group of lads that hang around with us. The people i have known since nursery. I’ve spent most of my life with the majority of those people.
That’s all coming to an end and i more than likely will hardly ever see them anymore.
It’s kind of sad really. : (

I’m way too excited to be leaving Counthill though, to be moving on to the next chapter of my life and meeting new people, experiencing new things and learning new things. I intend on going to Oldham Sixth Form to study Psychology, Sociology and English Language.
I really want to take English Literature but don’t want to have to drop either of the other two.
Like i said thought once i have finished my two years at college i want to go to university and continue into further education.

If you asked me four years ago what i wanted to do when i was older, i would have replied, “i want to be an author”
If you asked me three years ago what i wanted to do when i was older, i would have said, “i want to be a interial designer”
If you asked me two years ago what i wanted to do when i was older, i would have replied, “i want to be a journalist”
If you asked me last year what i want to do when i get older, i’d have said, “i want to be a child psychologist.”
That idea stuck with me for a long time. I thought it was the perfect job for my character. I enjoy helping people; i have a keen interest in the human mind and behaviour and i am a listener.
The thing is, if you asked me now what i want to be when i leave college, i’d simply reply, “i love to write, i want to be an author of some kind.”
It’s a hard business to get into but i’m going to try my hardest and hopefully my determination will keep me going.
Psychology still attracts me somehow, it’s something i believe i will be quite good at. It’s something that i hope will keep me interested.
So until i know for sure what i want to do, i am going to keep my options open with regards to university. I mean i don’t know which one to go to nor do i know what courses to do there.
There is quite some time yet for me to make my decision.

Cystic Fibrosis is a disease that doesn’t get better it gradually gets worse. This is something i am thinking about more.
I know that i am nowhere near as bad as some people with CF, my lung functions are on the up and at the minute i’m not doing too bad. The thing is though, who know what it might be like two years from now. Swing and roundabouts right? Good times and bad times?
My dreams and aspirations are what thrive me to keep myself well. It’s what keeps nagging at me to go in the gym or do some form of exercise. It’s what yanks me to do my physio and take all my medicines. My CF might be unpredictable but i won’t let it walk all over me and i certainly won’t back down and let it prevent me from achieving what i hope to do.

I was talking to a girl i have known since nursery; we have been best friends for so long. We got discussing about the future and we decided to set ourselves goals, we then decided to write them down and swap them. Therefore, on our 25th birthday we would give each other our lists and see if we managed to stick on track for our goals.
I decided to share mine with you:

• I want to have got good grades at college and uni.
• I want to be doing something i love and enjoying my job
• I want to be in good health (hopefully)
• I hope to have made it in the writing industry.
• If i’m not a writer i want to be a child psychologist.
• I want to have my own house.
• I want to be in a good relationship or even possibly married.
• I don’t want kids just yet.
• I want to be extremely happy
• I want to have been to New York, LA or Australia
• I want to have a car named Betty : )
• I want to still be writing my blogs
• I want to have a dog
• I want to be able to bake a yummy cake
• I want to be able to make my grandma’s chicken soup and my mum’s sheppard’s pie.
• I want to own a piano
• I want to be good at playing the piano
• I want to have learnt Italian ... i love that language for some unknown reason
• I want to still be writing music.
• I want to have seen Beyonce live in concert.
• I want to have gone on a big holiday to Florida with a big group of friends and family.
• I want to have gone on a cruise.
• I want to still be in touch with at least more or less all of my school friends or at the very least know what everyone has achieved.
• I want to be as close to my mum and dad as i am now.
• I want to still be going to my nana wheeler’s flat on a Saturday : )

I think that list will do for now, maybe i’ll add a few more as time goes by.
Maybe i’ll be able to cross a few off before i’m 25.
Even if all of them aren’t crossed off by the time i’m 25 ... i want to have eventually crossed them all off.

Take Care, Sophie xoxo
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  1. dont worry about not seeing your friends everyday, I am still best friends with my first friend from nursery even though we barely saw each other when at uni. Some friends stay friends without even having to see them much.

  2. hi sophie i have just finished catching up on reading your blogs, i dont get chance to read them as much as often as id like as im working full time now so i catch up when i can. Like your good self i love to read its a passion of mine there is nothing better than a good book, but i have to say i love to read your blogs to and although i am you dads age lol i can relate to alot of what you write for example your nana and grandad my nanna is still alive and very much like florry lol and i was also grandads girl too sadly he has passed away some years ago now but i miss him dreadfully although i still talk to him all the time x keep writing girl and i hope you do become an author cause i will definatley buy your books but i do want a signed copy of your very first book lol x

    P.S my favourite song is impossible dream i get goosebumps when ya dad sings that love it xxxx