i can almost see it ... just never reach it.

I live my life by quotations, i love how powerful words can be sometimes. I love how one sentence can make you think about your whole life and how you perceive it.
How that one inspiring quotation can change your attitude to life too.
It truly astounds me ... the human mind that is. What i love about motto’s is they kind of tell a story but for each and every person ... that story is always different. The human mind you see ;)

I love many quotations but there is one that really motivates me;
“Spit on your hands and take a fresh hold”
Well it is a true northern motto; in my opinion, it means when you feel like giving up and you feel like you can’t fight anymore ... it tells you to look at life from another direction and try again. Basically never give up because if it is meant to be ... it will be.
(There is another motto) ... I told you my head is overflowing with mottos.
One that isn’t mine personally but i love all the same is;
“It's not the years in our life that count ... it's the life in our years”

(credit goes to Rob for reminding me of this one)
For me, this is a great motto for Cystic Fibrosis or for any other life threatening disease. This motto makes me smile and reminds me to experience everything in life and to appreciate everything, to remember every single precious second of life. This is because one day, i will look back and i will want to think, ‘I’ve had one hell of a ride. Swings and roundabouts.'

The CF forum, which I go on alot, has opened my eyes alot too.
I remember beforehand thinking i knew everything about CF and i was foolish to think that because CF is so unpredictable you never know or fully understand the whirlwind. One minute your feeling great and on an all time high the next you can be taking your last breath. I now know that CF sufferers are extremely admirable people and i am learning from each and every single person i speak to. : )

A woman named Gemma Harrison (hope she doesn’t mind me mentioning her), she taught me alot just by reading her blog.
One line i remember clearly from a post that made me a shed a tear was from the ‘sad news’ blog.
In this blog, Gemma talks about a friend who has passed from the disease CF.
“I feel like people with CF are tested constantly, but we can only be strong for so long. We are not just put on this planet to just be an inspiration to others”
The whole blog was an eye opener but these lines made me think ALOT.
I realised that deep down CF sufferers are having a fight throughout their lives, a battle that eventually we all lose until a cure is found. I’m gonna leave the rest of my thoughts to myself as they i feel are for my benefit.
However, i believe many people will have had their eyes opened from that statement.
Again, it’s a reminder that life is too short so we should all appreciate what we have got and not waste time wanting things we can’t have.
Also Gemma taught me to stop avoiding this type of conversation, it wasn’t because i was scared to die that i refused to think about it; it was the ‘what happens next’ thing that blocked my mind. And thanks to her; I’ve figured that when us CF patients take our last breath ... we are free from the test, free to breathe easy and look after those we love.
I now believe that there is life after death and i no longer blank the subject.

I know i have gone on and on with myself but there are so many other people i want to mention off the CF forum, that have helped me and made me think about things.
I am going to save it till tomorrow or at least another day.
Goodness me, this is my third blog today; aren’t i on a role. Haha!
I told you, i would be back. I like these blogs, they let me express how i feel more.

Well goodnight and thankyou for reading.
Take care xoxo
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  1. I like how you call me a 'woman' haha I still feel like a little girl :o)
    Your blogs are really good Sophie, i'm glad you like mine too. I have found the cf network a geat support too. I was looking through my old diary from when I was a teenager and I never even mentioned my cf in it, I just used to totally ignore it, how times change!

  2. Hi babe i have just been reading back through your blogs and i am hoping that you do as well!!!!! cause when you are feeling really crappy and your lungs are being little buggers and wont let you breath easy some of your comments and positive vibes could just lift you up.xxxxxxx still dont know why my name doesnt show up!!!!!!! love your sponge,xxxx