Miss Florance Duff - Mrs Florance Wheeler

This blog is inspired by my Nana Wheeler.
It’s all about the head of the huge Wheeler family.

“The only rock I know that stays steady, the only institution I know that works is the family.” - Lee Iacocca

To this day my Nana has been someone i adore ... i think everyone loves there Nana, but there is definatly something special about my Nana Flo.
Since i was a little girl i remember going to Nana’s every Saturday. She’d have a cupboard full of treats (crisps, chocolate and a bag of haribo ... without fail), and not forgetting the biscuit box. It’s plastic with a green lid ... i can’t remember a time where that hasn’t been in my Nan’s kitchen ... i reckon it’s possibly a family air-loom that!
Anyway, my Nan is like Peter Kay’s Nan and she lives in a council flat .... the one’s with those red triangles where you can pull it and it sends an alarm to some lad, doing a crossword puzzle, in a tiny tin shed. : ) ............ good ole’ Peter Kay
She has done since i was probably around the age of 6 or 7. One day, she had a fall and broke her hip ... long story short she is now in a wheelchair sadly.
This however, doesn’t bring my Nan down ... does it ‘eckers!!
The thing is; she should have her own show, her own comedy show.
To tell you the truth she would definatly earn a fortune being a stand up comedian.

"She has a gob on her!!” – Nana Flo Saturday 11th April 2009
Me, my dad, my mum and my sister Bethany went to my Nan’s like we usually do on a Saturday after calling at McDonalds for dinner. We had it a little late though and we had assumed someone had picked my Nan some dinner up ... this was not the case and god did we know it when we walked in the house!
I sat on the settee with my McDonald’s whilst my Nan roamed around in her wheelchair. That’s the thing you see ... she can’t keep still atall. So she wheels over your feet, she knocks over your drinks and everything : )
Then my Auntie Max walks in fresh as a daisy ... thinking no-one would be there. She was therefore, planning on taking my Nan out for dinner. This idea came to a holt evidentially as we were there.
Like i said before, my Nana is in a wheelchair. This entails that she needs someone to do little jobs for her. Another one of my aunties ... Sharon goes down every week day to keep My Nan Company and also be a sort of carer i suppose you could call her.
She’d not long been sat down when my Nan sets about her.

Max – Oh have they brought you no dinner flossy? (jokingly)
Nan – No they’ve not! (deadly serious)
Max – Oh well we’ll wait till they’ve gone and then we will have a walk to McDonalds.
Nan – McDonalds? Well you might as well get your car and bring me something.
Max – No we will go down there.

This carried on for a while.

Nan – Who’s this? (she said whilst dialling a number)
Max – Well i don’t know, you have to let me listen first.

She did eventually let my auntie max listen : )

Nan – I’ll tell you what you’re a frickin’ b***h you girl!
Max – What? I’ve not done nout!
Nan – you’ve only been down three times this week!
Max – Oh well how rude of me ... as if i’d have anything better to do with my time then sit in your flat with you.

Max – Last week i came round after work, i’d pulled a steak out at home for my tea but your Nan insisted i stayed for tea ... do you know what we had Soph?
Soph – Go on ..
Max – A small tin of beans and sausage between us. I said, ‘mam, do you want some toast with this?’ She said, ‘ yeah go on then, i’ll just have three!’
I’ll tell you what, it was filling that!!
Nan – Hasn’t she got a gob on her
Max – Eyy!
Nan – Shut it you!! (she spat at my auntie max)
My auntie max sat there not saying a word, trying not to laugh.

Now ... i don’t know about you but, i’d say these two belong on the telly.

“Merely becomes the standard of comparison.” – Stendhal.
If i could possibly compare my Nan to anyone in the world it would be the Nan character on Catherine Tate Show.
She can be on the phone to someone chatting away, all smiles and then as soon as the phone goes dead ...
“I can’t stand her me! Always frickin’ moaning!” (she doesn’t like swearing in front of the children ... usually)

“A Legend In My Eyes” – Sophie Jayne Wheeler.
A legend in my opinon is someone that you just won’t be able to forget. Someone, who makes a tremendous impact on your life.
I have met many people who will go down as a legend in my books; however, none of these people compare to my Nana Flo.
Florry will be a hard one to beat.
She has written in diaries for the past twenty years and to tell you the truth, they ought to be published ... some of the things in her life could make you cry with laughter and then cry with sadness.

Nine kids, god knows how many grandkids later and my Nan is still as fit as a fiddle.
She out live us all Flossa.

I Love you Nan!
x x x x x x x x x x

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  1. brilliant Sophie you make yor Nan sound so sweet ha ha my ears were ringing all the way to McDonalds!!! then we had to pop to BnMs for a bit of shopping love!!! but wouldnt change her for the world she is definatley my rock [ but please mum no more sausage an beans pleaseeeeeeee) xxx