Kit Kat and a glass of milk : )

Helloo my lovelies.

Well today i wanted to attempt to get back in school but after 2 hours of 'trying' to clear myself this morning i gathered ... it wasnt worth it after all. :(
So i am sat with a kitkat and a glass of milk :) YUM

Just thought i'd go into detail about that long story i have mentioned before.
Last year ... 2008 was a crappy one. It sucked!!
To start the year off on january 2nd, my grandad passed away.
Then in April my health deteriorated dramatically without warning and my LF's dropped from 90% to 30%. I remember being devastated. So it was obviously time to be admitted, 4 week of intensive physio, I'V's and exercise (much to my disgust) i was allowed to fly to America for the holiday we had planned a while back with some of the family.

We landed in America and i felt like crap, but i didnt want to say anything to my mum and dad as this was there holiday and after my grandad dyeing and my health being a bummer; i wanted them to get away from it all.
Have you ever walked round disney land with your chest feeling heavy with mucus; hardly able to breathe because your that out of breath? I'll tell you ... it's really hard.
Still i carried on, even though my dad wanted to bring me back home early i refused to let him, it was my little sisters holiday too. I didnt want to spoil it for her more then anything.
So we carried on to universal studios and my this particular day my chest was tight and i had to keep having my inhaler but i kept the smile on my face still.

Anyway, two weeks past and to be honest it was a nightmare, i was so tired and breathless and my chest felt horrible. We landed at Manchester airport at 7am, i'd had no sleep cos i was having to go to the toilet constantly to cough my rubbish up. We were on the ward for 8am and i was scheduled to have a bronc (a camera down your throat into your lungs so the doc can see whats going on and sometimes suck the crap out of your lungs, leaving you fresh as a daisy). They filled me with IV's and put me on fluids as i was dehydrated; they also took some bloods and i had a CT scan.
The doctor doing my bronc couldnt even get into my right upper lobe because thick sticky mucus had completly taken over that lobe. This was not good news. The CT scan confirmed the worst; i was left with a decision to make.
So after 7 months of struggling, tears and torment; the opportunity to have the lobe removed was offered to me and my parents. Yes although this was a highly risky major procedure, this was my only option to being a little bit back to how I was before and to be honest, this was my only chance. So on the 7th of August 2008, I was due to have my operation, I had undergone all the preoperational procedures, seen the surgeon, seen the CF team and then with just 3 hours to spare the operation was cancelled and I was devastated. My biggest panic was that while I had to wait for another date, the infection would spread and they would be unable to follow out the procedure.
Time passed and finally I had another date, 28th of August 2008. I sat; all gowned up, IV fluids pumping through my veins, lied on the bed in the anaesthetic room I looked at my dad as they put the sedating drug through me. Trying to count how long it took I stared transfixed at my dad. Then I was asleep. I was told after my op that everything went well, I had a blood transfusion due to the loss of blood and the op took 9 hours instead of 5; they also had to take out some of my middle lobe that had started to decay from the infection. Other than that, I was told everything ran smoothly. After a quick recovery I was out of hospital no later than a week after my op. Determination and positive thinking as well as great family and medical staff can get you a long way.

I owe my life to Mrs Humphreys and her team of surgeons at Pendlebury hospital for their hard work and there care towards me throughout both the procedure and my recovery. As well as the nursing staff and physio’s. They will never know how much that operation meant to me. They’ll never realise how much of an improvement there is within myself, I doubt anyone will ever be able to relate.Throughout it all I was adamant that I wanted the operation, never once did I get scared, stressed or upset. As I sit here writing this in a way I suppose I admire my bravery, I have only just started to realise and really take in just how serious the whole thing was, i'm actually not to sure wether it's a good thing that i dont take life too seriously or a bad thing. I know i should have been worried and scared about that op but believe it or not i have never been so sure of something in all my life.

We are now in April 2009 and my lung functions are still alot lower then they were but steadily they rise ... untill i have a chest infection :
So as you probably gathered i've had loads of time of school, i'll save that whole thing for another day. I believe i have bored you enough now. : )

Best tidy my room now, it's abit of a mess : (
Take Care, xoxo
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  1. wow that doesnt sound too nice what you had to have done but if it's helped then thats good. I have 2 fully intact lungs and your LF is stil higher than mine lol! So whats left of yours must be doing its job! xx