I cant sleep :(

Well the time is currently 02:10am
I am wide awake after a coughing fit ... cheers pseudomonas :(

You know when your really tired and your just nodding off and so your mind starts to play with you? Well here i am wide awake you wanna know what's running through my mind at this silly hour of the day???
I'll tell you:
You've woken up in the middle of the night still tired but suddenly, you begin to think of random and completly weird stuff for example:

  • Oh i need to buy a bra tomorrow
  • Hmmm, i wonder what will happen if i lived off jelly tots
  • I wonder if jess will have a baby boy or a baby girl
  • Chippy tea or Maccy D's ??? Choices choices??
  • That reminds me i saw 2 magpie's today ... two for joy ... yay

And then once the random weirdness is over you remeber something's ... things that will nag you and won't let you go to sleep:

  1. I have a pound coin in my jeans pocket; remember to take it out before it goes in the wash
  2. I am soo tired, but dont forget that pound coin
  3. Did i lock the front door? Oh jesus, i cant remember.

So now you have to go get out of bed to lock the front door ... you get half way upstairs and you remember that pound coin, better go get that while your doing nothing.
So off you go to the washing machine, grabbing your jeans and grabbing the pound coin, putting it on the counter you return to bed.
This is when your inner child comes out to haunt you.
"Mrs Brown went to town and she bought an apple ... No no no i am refusing to play this game with myself in my head ... okay, Mrs Brown went to town and she bought a banana .... Stop it for christ sake i'm 16 years old mann."

After playing Mrs Brown went to town with your inner child. That song you love starts playing over and over on your head ... oh no ... what's it called now?
This my friend is your worst nightmare ... the mindblank. Now you will not sleep a wink till you've figured out that song.

Well after sitting here and writing this, the time is 02:33am i have figured my song out :)
It's November Rain - Guns 'n' Roses.

BedTime now for me.
Goodnight all xoxo

Oh p.s things i will be blogging about pretty soon:

  • Joe Geeling
  • My Lobectomy
  • School
  • Friends

Okay that's all BedTime for sure now!! xoxo

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1 comment:

  1. I Love It :D Had A Good Giggle, I Do Exactly The Same Thing Squeelerr :D
    Lovee You
    xxxxxx <3 xxxxxx