Grandad Wilfred Brown.

Sophie Jayne Wheeler. 09/07/93
Grandad’s first grandchild was brought into the world.

For as long as i can remember i have always been a Grandad’s girl.
He was my Grandad end of.
For 5 years, MY Grandad and i were like two peas in a pod. I’d happily sit and watch Stone Cold Steve Austin on the wrestling (he was my grandma’s favourite.), or i’d watch Simpsons with him on his chair. I’d sit on his knee. : )
For 5 years he was MY Grandad and then...........

My Sister Was Born!!!!
Bethany Paige Wheeler. 26/08/98
He was no longer My Grandad; he was now OUR Grandad.
The green eyed monster kicked in big time, it was too much to handle for a little 5 year old torettes kid : )
(i had tourettes when i was younger ... okay i didn’t but you’d have thought so the number of times i’d have outbursts of swearing; who’s fault i hear you cry??? ... DADDY!!!)
Anyway, back to OUR Grandad Wilf.
Well, my sister was born and obviously she was getting all the attention, i can’t remember clearly but i distinctly recall highly disliking my sister for a long time.

Me and my Grandad used to have this thing, i was his ‘number one’ : )
First grandchild. First place in his heart. Sophie was Grandad’s number one!
Once the whole baby hysteria died down, i began horse riding and my number one fan was Mr Wilfred Grandad Brown.
Every horse show, Grandad was there bright and early, fresh as a daisy, on a Sunday morning. Packed lunch in hand, big parker coat on and his boots; ready to brave the bitterly cold Sunday Mornings on Saddleworth Pony Club’s fields (Platting Road).
He knew how to dress my Grandad ; ) He was a rugby player i’ll have you know : )
So off we would all go and my Grandad would stand at the side lines clapping his heart out once i had completed my piece in Equitation. This wasn’t my favourite atall. Infact, i would go as far as to say, i hated it.
MY forte was Show Jumping. I adored Show Jumping. The adrenaline, the cheers, the speed and the power. I loved it!
Once again, my Grandad would clap his heart out as i would come trotting out with 1st place rosette in my hand.
Then i would have a picture that would then be framed and set up in my Grandad’s gallery of me.

My Grandad’s gallery is on the back wall of his chair.
It consists of framed pictures of yours truly .... Me ! : )
To be honest, i think it was my idea when i was younger ... i’m not too sure. Anyway, this is no longer there anymore. Much to my disgrace ... why?? Do i hear you cry??

A few more years down the line grandchild number 3 was born.
Madison Marie Brown. 08/09/03
I love this little girl with all my heart but at the time of her birth i was still young and i had just gained MY Grandad back; Jealousy kicked in.

The return of the Green Eyed Monster.
I remember going seeing Madison after she was born in hospital with my Grandma and Grandad .
My Grandad and i went to get a drink. As we were walking back down the corridor we had a little heart to heart:

Sophie: “Grandad can i ask you something?”
Grandad: “Course you can sweetheart”
Sophie: “Even though we have Beth and Madison ... am i still you number one?”
Grandad: “Yes, you will always be my number one.”
Sophie smiles from ear to ear and we walk back into the cubicle.

That conversation won’t ever be forgotten by me. Ever!

Like last time, the green eyed monster went back to its cave.
I think every little girl goes through the faze of wanting to be a hairdresser right?
Some girls stick to it and achieve their goals; others try it out on the Grandad’s first!
You heard me correct my Grandad Wilf would happily allow me to sit putting his hair into bobbled, (attempting to) plait it, (attempting to) braid it, brush it, put hair clips/slides/grips in it etc.
When i had created my masterpiece on his hair ... i would run into the dining room get the mirror and show my Grandad how beautiful his hair looked thanks to me!
I am telling you right now and you can all quote me on this but i defiantly missed my calling with that one because my Grandad used to absolutely think it was wonderful.
The conversation:

I’d run to get the mirror
Sophie: “Don’t take it out Grandad, i’m getting the mirror. Keep still, i’ll be back in a minute”
Grandad: “Okay”
Sophie: (holding the mirror up in front of him) “Ta-Dah!”
Grandad: “Oooh Very nice.”
Sophie: (in a disgusted voice) “Did you take one of those bobbles out? The one with the pink flower on?”
Grandad: “It fell out.”
Sophie: “Oh for goodness of a sake Grandad, i told you to keep still. Now i will have to start again.”

So all the bobbles would come out, all the grips would come out, the hair clips and the brush would rip the hairspray out. Then whilst Grandad continued to watch his war film ... i would sit doing his hair again. He would willingly sit there and never once moaned. He was perfect.

As i got older, we didn’t go down to Grandma’s and Grandad’s much but when we were having work done on the house because if the dust and things, we moved in to their house with them for a couple of weeks. On Saturday night me and Grandad would go down to Sharpsies (Waterhead Con Club) and play bingo! Woo-Hoo!
He would buy me a packet of bacon fries and a can of diet coke and i would sit and play bingo with everyone there. : ) Good Times! Good Times!

Another great memory of my Grandad and i is all the times we have sat in the car talking about absolutely random and utterly pointless things on the way to Boothall for port-flushes. We would sit there and put the world to rights me and my Grandad on the way to Boothall. It’s because we are cool!

I’d like to take the time to sing a beautiful song for all you horrendous Leeds fan’s out there; sing along if you like ... are you ready?

Breathtaking i know ; )
I’d like to dedicate that to, Christian Wheeler, Eddie Aspin and of course MY GRANDAD.
My Grandad supported Leeds Rhino’s Rugby League Club ... however, after Saint Helens Battered them on numerous occasions, he decided to support Oldham Roughyheads. It’s atrocious but he refuses to support the saints! :D
Every game between Leeds and Saints we would spend the whole game on the phone to each other arguing over who played the best and rubbing it in when our team scored a try : )
I’ll miss those phonecalls now you’ve gone to supporting Roughyheads Grandad !
You really have blown your chances of getting to rub my nose in it whenever your team beats saints haven’t you. Haha!

Finally, one of my favourite Grandad and Sophie moments.
Friday afternoons : )
My Grandad is a bin man supply person. I don’t actually know his professional role. All i know is that he has the most important job out of it all. He works the hardest and without him, the bin men would be in complete ciaos. How do i know this? My Grandad told me : )
Anyway back to Friday afternoons. Well my Grandad get’s these afternoons off work so he picks me and Beth up from school. We then have tea.
What’s on the menu??
Fish, Chips and Peas!!! Wooo!
Every Friday afternoon without fail i have fish, chips and peas for tea at Grandad’s.

Overall, my Grandad is and always will be MY Grandad.
I love his laid back attitude to life and his chuckle is bloomin’ great : )
My Grandad Wheeler died before i was born so my Grandad Wilf is all i’ve got.
I really do worship my Grandad.
I Love You!!
x x x x x x x x x x

Take Care, Sophie xoxo
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  1. We all love grandad Wilf what a guy!!! always there what ever when even!!! and all though you will always be number 1 grandchild he stept in and picked up number 2 gosh i wont forget that ha ha me balloons an loads of school kids!!!!