Beautiful Flaws

We all have flaws don’t we?
Those things that aren’t impressive, perfect or good.
Our imperfections are beautiful sometimes. Don’t you think?
Someone said to me today, “Why are you so perfect?”

Perfect ... can you define perfection?
The thing is i’m not perfect i’m far from it actually.
I have imperfections, i have things i should work on, but i won’t work on them.
Why? Because that’s what makes me ... me.

What are your flaws?
Mine are:

• I’m a very jealous person.
• I do like to look nice; i’m not someone that says i don’t care how i look because i do.
• I look at myself and always see room for improvement.
• I am extremely argumentative.
• I am a stubborn person when i believe i am doing the right thing; i won’t back down.
• I like to please people and make people proud.
• It does matter to me what people think of me.
• I do listen to music constantly.
• I can’t listen to music without singing along.
• I read all the time and get so wrapped up in the story i seem ignorant.
• I fall in love with fictional characters.
• I’m not the world’s best drummer.
• I’m not a great singer.
• I try my hardest all the time and sometimes maybe too hard.
• I trust people too easily.
• I’m an extremely positive person but when i am low, i get really down in the dumps.
• I don’t express how i feel that much...vocally i mean; i’m not a problem sharer because i feel like a burden.
• When i really want something i have no patience.
• I’m the quite kid, who keeps her head down in class and hardly makes a sound.
• When i am nervous, i fidget.
• I have a habit of biting the inside of my cheek.
• I’m rather emotional.
• I have an addiction to sweeties.
• I hate the clubbing of my nails.
• I hate my teeth.
• I dislike the sound of my voice.
• I’m pretty blind to be honest :D
• I’m not an outdoors person.
• I do everything i can to help people and i never learn that some people just can’t be helped.
• I hate taking pictures.
• I am ALWAYS Freezing cold.
• I get colds very easily.
• I can get lost in films and not want to find my way back home.
• I often have my head in the clouds.
• I’m quite a messy person
• I go through alot of fazes.
• When i like something ... i adore it (Twilight obsession at the minute)
• I doubt myself all the time, suppose that’s called low self-esteem.
• I’m an extremely pale person...true English rose.
• I get very sarcastic when i am nervous or angry or upset.
• I’m not a very confident person.
• I suppress my feelings and don’t show emotion that much. I just smile all the time whether i’m happy or not.
• I’m good at keeping my temper but when i lose it i become a horrible person.

So there you have it, i’m not perfect, i’m not beautiful, i’m not talented and i’m not a girly girl.
I have flaws, we all do; but they can be so beautiful.
We all have something we are great at, something we are amazing at.
So don’t give up if you can’t play the piano first time round, don’t try to make yourself look any different because that’s how you’re supposed to be.

We all doubt ourselves; even the vainest of people have secret self confidence issues.
Even the most amazingly talented artists in the world doubt themselves.
We never see beauty within ourselves ... but other people do.

Take Care, Sophie x x x
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  1. haha I am obsessed with Twilight too, just finished the first book today and I am seriously in love with Edward Cullen! Infact you sound very similiar to me with most things apart from the photos, I love having my photo taken :o) English Roses are the best!!