One ticked off the list :)

Morning everybody : )
Hope everyone is well and happy. Well, the sunshine is being very generous this weekend and it even burned me as i ignorantly put no sun cream on as i type this my arms, shoulder, face, chest and knees (yes i said knees) are excruciatingly red and burning : )
Good Times!! I’ve had a really good half term let me just give you a quick itinery (if that’s the right word) haha.

Monday – BBQ
Tuesday – Clinic appointment and Aimee’s birthday meal
Wednesday – I did nothing this was my chill day
Thursday – i got my belly button pierced : )
Friday – i went for a walk around Waterhead park with my friend’s Becky & Tim and we walked to McDonalds. This is one of the biggest achievements of my life. It was a trek!! In the afternoon i went to Chadderton and spent the afternoon with my best friend Taylor. In the evening we had a BBQ again!
Saturday – I burned in my back yard!! : ( And then we had another BBQ for the sake of having a BBQ : )
Today (Sunday) – I am undecided as to what to do. My options are go out for a walk with people or stay indoors and revise. I know which i’d prefer but i also know which one is more sensible. I reckon i’ll go for a walk and then revise later on. (Probably won’t) I’m just kidding ; )

Like i said, on Tuesday i had a clinic appointment and so i thought i’d share the great news with you all.
My lung functions are at the best they’ve been since July last year : )
FEV – 75% FVC – 99%
I don’t think i’ve ever been so happy in all my life :D
I have grown and now stand at the height of 165.3cm with the weight of 57kg (i think) i weigh 9 stone anyways : )
My mum, my little sister Bethany and my best friend Aimee came this particular day. Aimee is getting really involved in my CF. It’s great to have someone to talk to about it other than mum, dad, family etc. She sees herself as my good luck charm as every time she has come and i’ve done my lung functions; they’ve been at there best : )
We all walked into the consultant room, the huge smile on my face and Dr Panicker said, “Are you the same girl?”
I admit i don’t feel at my best but i’m putting that down to my hayfever to be honest.
Overall, they are very pleased and proud. I’m extremely pleased and proud : )

At the moment my main focus is school, exams, revision, friends and the family. This is the reason as to why my blogs aren’t coming through thick and fast these days. They will get back on track though i promise you : )
So school is very nearly over now and i’m going to be walking out of there and never setting foot back in there again. It’s sad really because everything changes. The people you want to stay in touch with will slowly drift away and although you’ll gain new friends...I’ll miss the ones i already have. I’m going to add this on my aspirations list actually; i’m going to stay in touch with my close friends from school. It’s a shame because we have all had our fall outs and bust ups but at the moment everyone is so close, i don’t want to lose that : )
Well i am working on two blogs at the moment. One is about some of my family members and the other is all about Alethia and Jamie from the ward. Today’s however is going to be referring back to my ‘ten years from now’ aspirations list that i made a few weeks ago. Have a quick glance if you like. : )

“ • I want to still be writing music.
• I want to have seen Beyonce live in concert.
• I want to have gone on a big holiday to Florida with a big group of friends and family. ”

On the 24th of April 2009 at 16:54, i posted a blog titled, “Ten Years From Now”
It was a blog which withhold every dream i hope to have achieved in the next years.
I get to say that i can officially tick one off. The one that i have wanted since the days of Desntiny’s Child : )
I got to see Beyonce in concert at the MEN thanks to my Uncle Neil, Auntie Sharon, My Mum and My Papa. : ) On the 27th of May 2009 !

I’m proud to report that she’s not bad to be honest :D hahaha. She is amazing!!! Me and my Uncle Neil decided that she was okay but defiantly wouldn’t go down well at the charity concert at the Dog And Partridge ; ) We were being sarcastic of course.
I’ve never been to a concert where whilst the singer sang everyone was silent : ‘)
Brought a tear to my eye it did. She sang all the big songs, a few Destiny’s Child songs and danced whilst singing live. I thought she was astounding to be honest : )
A M A Z I N G!!!
I rang my dad for Ave Maria/angel. I don’t think the smile was wiped off my face all night and then obviously i was singing my little heart out as well. : )
One word to describe the concert? WOW!

So that’s one down ... 25 to go :D
I am working on the BIG family holiday so all you family members reading this start saving your holidays up and the pennies of course ; )
I have Nana Flo down for Florida anyway so don’t let me down : )
That’s all for now then : ) Just going to continue writing the family blog and then i think i may do some revising for history : (

Enjoy the sunshine : )
Take Care, Sophie xoxo

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  1. Hi Hun fantastic news from the hospital so keep your lucky charm for every appointment,its been great seeing you actually walking around with your mates instead of being driven every where that fresh air works wonders!! definatley puts some colour in your cheeks or could that be another blog!! ha ha you can count me in for Florida well it would be rude to miss out on all those dishy bin men!! lol xxx

  2. great news about the lung function and weight! Keep up the good work!

  3. Well done sophie babe great news xxxxx