Day 29

Hello everyone,

Today’s blog is the long awaited blog 29! I’m writing this while listening to some music and whilst Roxie sleeps on my bed! Here is a piccie:

Before we get to that let’s have a little catch up shall we?

I’m currently head over heels in love with ‘My Chemical Romance’s song – Sing!’

If you haven’t heard it before, have a listen. Don’t pre-judge it because I said it was a my chemical romance song. It’s not heavy and it’s just some really good & powerful lyrics. I have posted a video with lyrics so you can see the lyrics too.
Let me know what you think in the comment box! :)

I went watching Kylie Minogue in concert last night and the performance she put on was something I have never ever seen before. I don’t want to spoil it for those of you who are going and haven’t yet seen it but it is amazing!
A friend of mine and the family, Mr Tony Kenny and his lovely wife invited me and Chelsey to go and watch it last night and it was great. I was totally in awe at the whole show and how it all came together. It must have took so much rehearsing and also must have cost a bloody fortune to put together. Another thing I can’t help but mention is how gorgeous she looks for her age. She is 43 in May; which isn’t old but bloomin eck’ Kylie looks just a smidgen younger huh?
It was good and I would highly recommend it even for those of you that aren’t fanatics.. I’d guarantee you’ll be amazed at the whole show!

I have my clinic appointment this afternoon at 2:45. I get another couple of weeks out yet but we shall see what they say. I’m feeling fine, I have abit of a tickle at the moment but that’s nothing unusual and I’m not chesty whatsoever. I am still putting weight on, I’ve had no temperatures and my appetite is still excellent. I hope my lung functions are good.
For those of you that don’t know what lung functions are let me explain in my own little way. There shall be no scientific facts, this is just how I see them.


HA! I’m joking but seriously, it isn’t my best friend. They are like your worst enemy at school. You try to avoid them but you can’t not really so when you are confronted by them it turns into some form of competition and you end up practically killing yourself just to try and beat them! Metaphors over and done with. It’s actually this machine that has a long tube attached to it and at the end of the tube there is a filter which is changed after every use to prevent cross infection and then there is a mouthpiece that attaches onto the filter. Once it is all set, you take a deep breath and then you blow out all the air from in your lungs… every last bit of it until there is nothing left inside. Pulling the mouthpiece out of your mouth, you then gasp for breath. It measures how much and how quickly you can move air out of your lungs. Two major things they look out for are the FVC, which is the lung capacity and FEV, which is lung volume.
I hate doing them as I feel so much pressure and there is none really but we all know that the better the numbers are, the better you’re doing health wise. So when it goes down you can’t possibly comprehend just how disappointing that makes me feel about myself. I quiz that maybe it was my technique or the way I was stood or that I didn’t breathe it all the way out or maybe I didn’t take a deep enough breathe. In all honesty, I try my very best each and every time. The pyhsio’s always tell me not to be so hard on myself but how can I not?

Anyway, on with today’s blog:

Day 29:- A Picture That Can Always Make You Smile.

Okay.. so every photo I have within my possession will obviously make me smile, otherwise I wouldn’t have took a photo of it in the first place. One thing I defiantly didn’t want to do within this whole photo challenge was repeat myself all the time by using photos of the same people or same thing so I hope I succeeded in that. This being my reason that Day 29’s photo is a photo my friend & cousin (in-law in to be) Emily Maher sent me one day when I just needed abit of a boost.
It speaks for itself right?

I doubt myself a lot, I have confidence issues both physically and mentally? :/
what I mean by that is I never feel like I am good enough, I suppose we all feel like that sometimes though?
I question everything I do and make sure its okay before I do it. I just hate to make people disappointed or unhappy with me. I can’t stand it! I’d rather somebody be angry with me than upset or disappointed with me. I feel as though I mess a lot of things up most of the time. :’)
I try my best but I guess sometimes that’s not what people are expecting and wanting.
I just love how much drive this gives me!
It makes me feel good and like I am doing things right and somebody does like and enjoy what I do. I feel like I have some support in what I do when I read this :)

Whilst I’m on the subject of support I wanted to thank everyone who reads these little snippets of the crazy, opinionated, overemotional bubble I call my mind. :)
Your comments are much appreciated as I know just who is reading and what they enjoyed reading and sometimes I even find out why. Maybe it’s because they can relate to what I’m saying and I have one person who told me that I helped them because they no longer feel completely alone in how they feel. That was really nice.
I get told I’m inspirational all the time and it utterly mind boggles me how I can be someone’s inspiration… me?!
I don’t do anything to be inspirational, I don’t save lives, I don’t cure deadly diseases and I don’t save the world. I’m just being a 17 year old girl who blogs about her ideas, opinions and daily going-on and happens to have cystic fibrosis, a few hospital visits and a little puppy girl!
I do find it very humbling to be deemed somebody’s inspiration though. It makes me back that fear of being forgotten once I’m gone into a corner because if you’re an inspiration then you’ll forever be with somebody somehow right?
Like a little piece of you stays with them for as long as they live?

So that makes me feel very honoured and that makes me smile knowing I am somebody’s inspiration out there in that big huge world!

Take Care, Soph xoxo
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  1. I get really stressed out with the LF machine, always get competitive and try to blow a higher score than last time. The worst one is when I blow so hard that I start to cough half way through breathing out, arggh!

    I've found out (the hard way) that I can usually blow a higher score if I relax and don't try and force it so much. x