Day 30

Hello all,

I started writing this blog while roxie slept next to me.

Last Saturday I went to the grand national with a load of family and friends of the family.
I had my picture took at red rum’s statue and at the finishing line.
I went on the grand national track and walked a little bit of it (we took my chair though).
I put a fiver on the horse Oscar Whiskey because it reminded me of my achievemnt in learning the phonetic alphabet :’) …. AND I won £40! :D wooohooo.
It was a great day, everyone enjoyed it and some got burnt as the weather was gorgeous.
Here are a couple of piccies….

Day 30!
It’s here at last… I want to apologise to those of you who are disappointed or feel let down because it’s taken me so long. I’ve not been feeling so bright and shiny chestwise and started on some orals which are just starting to be beneficial.. however, they’ve got some side affects which include feeling nauseous and actually vomiting so ive just not felt up to writing atall the past week. It started out as a tickle that was keeping me up at night and not really having any effect during the day and then it turned productive so i rang the team up on tuesday to get some orals and since then i am gradually improving although it's still early days. I have lost a little bit of weight but only 3 pound which is understandable with me being sick and working so hard both breathing and coughing. My back is acheing so at the moment my extra tablets that i am taking so far are:
Ciprofloxacin (booster antibiotic)
Septrin (booster antibiotic)
Paracetamol (for aches)
and Motilium (for sickness)
Today has been the best day so far. So I decided to write the blog up! Before i get started, i just want to let everyone know that i will be aiming at getting one blog up a week from now on & i'm going to start thinking some ideas up too :)
On with today's picture challenge.. the final one:

Day 30:- A Picture Of You.

It doesn’t tell me what to write here, so I thought I’d give you a low down on Sophie-Soph ;)

Name: Sophie Jayne Wheeler

D.O.B: 09/07/1993

Location: Oldham, England

Fave. Colour: Red, Luminous Green and Midnight blue!

Fave. Sweetie: Green Turtles, blue and white mini dolphins and lips.

Fave. Chocolate: Picnic

Fave. Drink: Irn Bru

Fave. Perfume: Hot by Ralph Lauren.

Fave. Band: Muse

Fave. Item Of Clothing: Sugar Puff Hoodie

Fave. Shoes: Beth’s Ugg Boots!

Fave. TV Show: Celebrity Juice.. ooouuushhhh! <3

Fave. Book: The Host

Worst Habit: Taking Sharp Deep Breaths

Dream House: I don’t care as long as it has two bedrooms, a massive bath and an attic room so I can paint it black.. put stars on the ceiling using tiny lights and fill it with bean-bags, cusions, pillows & duvets! <3

Ideal Job: Writer or Interior Designer

Best Quote: It can always be worse

Take Care, Soph xoxo
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  1. I love that your favourite drink is Irn Bru and your not Scottish, that makes me smile xx

  2. Luv it Soph !! I have enjoyed all 30 days and am looking forward to your weekly updates - who knows maybe one day we may see these in print.

    Take Care

    TK xxx