April Day 2

today has been a real struggle. i have barely been off my oxygen all day and when i did it was so hard. as if someone was covering my nose & mouth whilst I was trying to breathe. i had extra inhalers and salbutamol nebs to see if they opened me up but they only have a 5 minute relief and then it came straight back. my chest is okay, there's no infection and i am hardly bringing anything up which is normal for me but I was slightly wheezy which isn't normal. i went to my aunties for tea but came back earlier than i anticipated due to needing oxygen and just not feeling comfortable because of that so i drove home, fell into the kitchen gasping and dropped my coat and mittens on the table desperate to get to my oxygen and that's how i have stayed all night. it's definitely gotten worse since going outside. i'm not quite sure what's going on so gonna give myself another day or so before possibly calling my cf team just to double check with them. for the time being lazy days on oxygen in pyjamas sound like the best course of action. a few people have mentioned about this air pollution so maybe that's contributing? I guess time will tell :) 

Day 2: in my hand

i completely forgot to do this today and i just remembered last minute so grabbed my phone and all i had at hand was nothing at all. then I remembered something i think is quite random and unusual. i actually have a freckle in the palm of my hand near my little finger and ring finger. it's only small and quite pale but i have had it for aslong as i remember so must be a freckle.
i think it's quite unusual to have a freckle there isn't it?

i'll be better prepared tomorrow :)
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