April photo challenge.

i have been out of hospital for just under a week now. i've kept up with my feeds except missed one and have been going on the bike each day on level 1 for 15 minutes. my legs are killing so it must be doing something good if it's feeling bad :)
i just hope the hard work pays off and i have something to show for it when i go back in hospital in a couple of week. for now though, i have lots of plans to keep me busy & occupied. i try to cram as much into my weeks at home as i can before i head back into hospital for the usual 3 weeks stints. so much to do and so little time, haha. 

Ages ago, i did a photo a day challenge and i really enjoyed doing them, they have me something to do in the days and got me taking photos which i always say i never do enough. So i thought i would give this a go again!
April photo-a-day challenge.

day 1: something purple

this is my gorgeous CF bracelet made by Katie Gammon. 
Katie makes these bracelets and some other ones herself. i think they're so pretty and katie is such a lovely girl. she also has cystic fibrosis and received her amazing new shiny lungs after having a transplant last year. she's currently back in school and revising to sit her GCSE's after missing a huge chunk out of school due to ill health, transplant & recovery. all in all, she's doing amazingly well with a few bumps along the way but still as determined as ever.
i shall post a link to her Facebook page where you can browse through her bracelets and maybe buy yourself or a loved one a gorgeous purple CF bracelet :) 

Thanks Katie. 

Katie Gammon's blog:- http://misskmgammon.blogspot.co.uk/

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