Dear Nan,

Dear Nan,
Where do i begin?
Can't believe you snuck off back to Tucker before i got to show you my big deep breaths in person. I made you a promise that you'd be the first person i visited when i got out of hospital and you made bloody sure of that didn't you!
You were the first person i visited.. just as promised.

I never got to see you since October due to ill health and hospital admissions but we spoke all the time on our phonecalls and if i couldn't get to the phone for whatever reason, you'd always leave me a voicemail..
"Hiya, it's only me love.. ya nan."
You kept me updated on the latest goings on in the family and i'd keep you updated on my own goings on. I miss those phonecalls but luckily for me, i kept your voicemails to listen to every so often. My personal favourite is the one where you're calling to let me know that i need to send my dad round to pick up some more cough sweets that you'd gotten me. Well you'd save yourself a fair few quid now nan because those cough sweets are no longer needed.

Well i best let you in on the goings on hadn't i?
I popped a tulip on your doorstep when i was let out for good. They're my favourite flowers so you're welcome! haha.
We went to the play at the coliseum, i'm not too sure you'd have liked it to be honest nan. It was slightly crude but very funny.
You'll be glad to know that i have taken up bingo although not at the Weavers on a thursday afternoon!
I'm quite lucky although not for the past couple of week. Keep asking you for some luck and help but think you must be busy playing your own books in the bingo hall's up there.
The voicemail you left dad when i had my transplant kept playing over and over in my head. I was so excited to show you that you were right!
Wheelers are made of tough stuff. This year has certainly tried to test us all but we are plodding on!
If you happen to see that wonderful person who gave me this life i am living now.. will you please thank them and give them the biggest hug and maybe a game of bingo or two.

Things are on the up now nan.
Little Ivy Flo came along to show the family how to smile again.
Then little spud has popped up to show us that we can keep smiling now.

You & Our Roxie Lady

I was lucky enough to have one of your rings passed down to me, it's the purple one with a brilliant story behind it so it's very fitting with me being a story teller :)
I was petrified of something happening to it or loosing it so i have a special place for it now. You're ring is so precious to me and it's tied around your locket with specially chosen charms in so i have a little piece of you with me always.

My Nana Flo ring & locket

So here we are, i know you liked to read my blogs as i have a folder at home that you had in your little flat that kept all my blogs in someone had printed off for you to read and keep.
I think you liked the last blog i did for you and so wanted to write you another especially for your birthday! Don't worry i will print this off and add this to your collection! Me and JoJo are going through your diaries and typing up every bloody word you wrote.. it's taking a very long time nan but we will get there and you will be a best selling author with the true stories you have told. It's honestly opened my eyes seeing your life through your eyes and seeing your life before i was here and before any of your grandchildren were here. I never really knew just how hard your life was but what a woman you are! I am honoured to have the nickname little flo!

Big Flo & Little Flo

I feel so warm and lovely when i think of you or i am reminded of you. You're my diamond Nan. My queen and most importantly my little nan. Kiss sam and grandad for me. I miss you like crazy. I love you with all my heart forever.
Always yours...
Sophie Jayne


Absolutely Beautiful.. My Nana <3 td="">

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