Monthly Gym Reports - August (THE START)

Exercise is really important post transplant. Not just for your lungs and general health but to build up all the muscle that has been reconditioned over the years spent unable to do very much.
You're also on steroids as part of your anti-rejection meds, steroids are muscle wasting. So it is vital that you try to keep your exercise up to help prevent this from happening.
I've been having a few gym session with Ruth my transplant physio but i have recently joined a gym. I'm wanting to keep an update on my blog of my process so i can see how far i have come!
I'm an absolute weakling and have been unable to exercise properly for years so prepare yourself to be very underwhelmed for the first few months! Ha.. :|
Here goes!!!

Start Weight: 54.6kg

Biceps: 9 inches
Thighs: 17.5 inches
Calves: 11 inches
Waist: 33 inches
Chest: 36 inches

The treadmill is probably were I get my biggest workout. Cardio is important for me but building up my stamina especially when walking is priority for me at the moment. I tend to walk on a flat level for 5 minutes at a pace of 4.5 I then incline the hill to 4% and continue walking at that 4.5 pace for 10 minutes.. I then pop the incline down to 2.5% and increase the speed to 5.5 for 5 minutes. I go up on the hill to 4% for 5 minutes at the lower speed of 4.5 and then slowly decrease the speed rate and the incline till I am walking at 4.5 on the flat level to finish off my 30 mins on treadmill.

i like to start off on the bike and come back to it at the end. I do just 8 minutes to warm up and then I head off to the treadmill. Once I have completed my little gym session, I jump back on the bike for 8 minutes for a little warm down. I'm not the biggest fan of the bike because I find it very uncomfortable but I do like the feeling I get in my legs!

I go from the treadmill and head onto the arm weights to give my legs a little cool down. As I said before, I am a weakling and therefore, I manage just a 5kg weight on my arms for now. But I do 10 reps of each different kind of arm weights machines. 

Once I have completed the bike, treadmill and weights, I just walk over to the mats to stretch my muscles to prevent them tightening up. I get quite a lot of pain in my shoulders so I like to make sure I get a good stretch with them. 
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