Butterflies & Hurricanes !!

Bonjour ladies & gentleman,
So i’ve been terrible lately and have neglected my writing; i just haven’t wrote a thing .... i had no sudden inspiration or any motivation to write anything atall. My reason is pathetic but true.
Well, things have change dramatically. I am going to let you all know about my past three weeks and what i have planned out etc.

God i forgot how much i adore writing :)
I have muse on my i-pod so it’s blasting out through my ear phones and into my head at the moment :D
It just doesn’t get any better ... well until you play paramore every now and again :D
I have taken a very strong liking to Paramore ever so recently. I’ve always loved them ... they just always seem to be being played on my i-phone (:

Okay i am going to be going in the gym this morning ... treadmill for 30 minutes non-stop!
i know!!!! I have just had a good idea, let’s have a blast from the past:
“Today’s gym playlist!”
- Plug In Baby – Muse
- Butterflies & Hurricanes – Muse
- Crush, Crush, Crush – Paramore
- That’s what you get – Paramore
- Ignorance – Paramore
- That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas – Katy Perry
- Decode – Paramore
- Holiday – Green Day
- Radio – Beyonce
- Supermassive Black Hole – Muse (of course)

Okay well since my last, little, tiny, baby blog i have had my birthday; watched my sister’s keeper with my mama and my auntie, been admitted into the new Manchester children’s hospital for a week, been tested for swine flu, had an obsession with strawberry jelly, laughed uncontrollably at my cousin Samantha, read two books, got discharged from hospital, had chicken foo yung from the chippy, bought charms for my gorgeous charm bracelet, fallen in love with twilight all over again, started re-reading new moon, started writing again, watched the new harry potter and had plans for every day of this week.

Shall i explain in more detail?
Let’s rewind back three weeks ago today .... Thursday 9th of July 2009.

“Happy Birthday to me!!”
It was my 16th birthday and i got a pink camera off my mama, my papa and my little sister, charm bracelet off my auntie and her fiancée, charms off my uncle and cousin, t-shirts off my other auntie and cousin, trinket box off my nana, clock off my other auntie, make-up off my other uncle and auntie, money off everyone else in the family and friends and of course it’s impossible to forget my teddy and take-that concert tickets off chrissy (my cousin) and Linzi (his wife) <3

How did i celebrate my 16th???
I had a picnic in the park!!! :D How cool am i?
It turned out to be a chill day at my house though because it rained! :(
I chickened out of standing under an umbrella even though it was boiling because i didn’t fancy having a cold so instead i brought everyone to my house!
I also had a meal with my family ... my dad, my mum and little sister. It was scrumptious.
I then watched my sister’s keeper with my mum and auntie the night after. I didn’t really like it personally. Alot of people did but not me. I have to say i’ve never been to a film where all you can hear is the audience crying until that day of course.
Well the next day was Saturday and i had planned to have a curry night with my mum, my sister and one of my auntie’s .... this idea went down the drain when i was taken down to A+E at Manchester Children’s hospital by my mama.

I had an outrageous temperature; i was aching, tired, breathless and had a very chesty cough. After 6 hours in A&E i decided i was starving; bear in mind the time was nine o’clock at night and i hadn’t eaten since 12 dinnertime! My blood sugars decided to be naughty and they dipped to 2.3; this is pretty low especially for me as they tend to stay between 4-7 which is normal.
However, the nurse wouldn’t listen to me when i told her it was because i hadn’t eaten and insisted on me drinking a glass full of blackcurrant juice ... nice right?
NO! She had also added 5 table spoons full of sugar into the glass. I had one sip and heaved immensely! It was nasty so my mum went to McDonalds and got some food and full fat coke! :D WOOOO!!
My sugars slowly but surely crawled back up.

So i reluctantly spent my ‘birthday weekend’ in hospital on ward 77, cubicle 18. /my failed attempts of pleading, begging and then arguing with the doctor got me nowhere! :D I suppose it was a good job as the antibiotics were started sooner rather than later ... i’d already pushed them away a week late.
On the Monday morning i was hoping i’d be allowed to go home however i knew i wouldn’t be able to as i still needed oxygen overnight as well as during the day, my temperature was through the roof most of the time and overall i just felt really ill.
The doctor came and my suspicions were confirmed i wasn’t allowed to go home and they wanted to get me swabbed for swine flu just as a precaution as i was showing most of the symptoms.
Hahaha. :D
It’s funny to look back now because the nurse i had that day had come into my cubicle that morning with my medicines and i remember sneezing five times in a row; which is nothing new for me but she joked, “Oh no! Don’t give me swine flu!”
The joke wasn’t funny anymore for her as she came in with a throat swab wearing a disposable apron, gloves and a very disgusted face on her. I thought this was hilarious as she didn’t even have to touch me; she gave me the swab to swirl around the back of my throat and then allowed me to stick it into the little pot thing. She then walked out of my room taking very shallow breaths ... it was as if she didn’t want to breathe in the air that i was breathing anymore. This fascinated me immensely. Needless to say i didn’t see her all day until she gave me my IV again wearing a disposable apron and gloves.

My cousin came to visit me that day; she had me smiling but i was a little miserable from having to stay in hospital so i bet i was a horrible visiting person. :D
I laughed at her when she returned from the canteen eating a tiny milky way bar VERY slowly; the next quote is courtesy of Miss Samantha Ogden.
“I’m going to really enjoy this tiny chocolate bar, savour each bite and really get the full effect of the chocolate seen as though it cost me 60p!”
Now as miserable as i was .... that made me laugh!
Samantha came to visit me three times while i was in hospital ... i love her even more for that; just gives you that boost when you have someone there to make you laugh and bring you jelly!!! :)
That’s right ladies and gentleman i had a craving for strawberry jelly so i looked on the menu and to my delight ... jelly was on the list.
It was a massive let down when i realised the jelly was sugar free and therefore; would taste horrible. I was right it was like water; just had no taste whatsoever so i was not pleased!
Samantha promised she would bring me some though and she sure did. :D
She even dressed up as a nurse one night and then washed my hair for me ... that was funny!
I honestly do Love my Samantha. Thank you ........... <3

I read a book named ‘the host – by Stephanie Meyers’ and also started to read a book named ‘Marked – by P.C Cast & Kristen Cast’
I loved both books but if i have to choose a favourite i’d pick the host .... it seemed like it was reaching out to a more mature audience than the ‘marked’ book.
That helped pass alot of time (:
So i had been in there a week and was really wanting to go home now so the plan was if i could stay off oxygen all night without my oxygen levels dipping below 92 i’d be allowed home.

It was time for bed on the 16th of July and i was taking deep breaths trying to boost my oxygen levels up quick before i fell asleep :D haha.
I soon dozed off and then when i woke up the following morning there was no oxygen mask in sight! Yay!! The doctor’s came round at 10 and my bags were already packed and ready to go by the time they got there :)
They took one look at me; dressed, hair done, bags packed and must have thought, “she’s missing her coat on”
He smiled at me and then said, “you can continue IV’s at home but any relapse and you come straight back here and we will assess you.”
i agreed and nodded happily a smile on my face and then rang my mum to tell her to pick me up! :D i wanted to go home (:

A week after being admitted they decided it was best if i went on another week of IV’s and also decided to start me on a new nebuliser named ‘tobi neb’ it’s an antibiotic then you inhale through a nebuliser. Hopefully, this will do the trick. I actually start it today ... apparently it’s extremely irritant and will really irritate my throat making it itch. So fingers crossed i can handle it because i’d rather stick to what i am doing now if i have to put up with a constant itch whilst on this nebuliser.
Anyways i’ll be sure to let you all know how i get on tomorrow.

Well back to where i was up too.....
Last Friday i had Chicken Foo Yung from the curry and a glass of Jacques :O it was the most delicious thing i have ever eaten and drank in my whole entire life!
I can actually taste it and crave it right now as i type :D hahaha.
Truly scrumptious! So i thought i would let you all know that if ever your travelling throughout Oldham and you fancy chicken foo yung for tea or dinner i advice you go to Shaw chippy near Tara leisure.
It’s lovely !!!

I have mentioned earlier that i got a charm bracelet for my birthday off my auntie and then some charms off my uncle. I got a total of £70 and decided to spend it on some more charms and also some clothes for sixth form. Well i went to the jewellers and got a little carried away ... i now have £30 left to spend on clothes. :/
I had no idea just how expensive these things were but still i have £30 that will buy me a few tops from Primark and possibly some accessories if i am lucky :D hahaha. I Love my charm bracelet just a little too much. Haha. It’s really beautiful and special because no-one will ever have the same as mine (: it is unique and all mine!

Finally i announced and admitted to the world that i have rekindled my affair with twilight.
Not just the film ... but the books as well i was re-reading new moon just the other day.
Well if you have never seen twilight you won’t understand just how addictive it truly is and if you haven’t read the books you won’t understand just how sneaky Stephanie Meyers (the author) is!
She wrote all four of the books in first person so as you read it ... so as the reader you feel like your reading YOUR story ... it sounds like this....

“About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him-and I didn’t know how potent that part might be-that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.” –Bella Swan (Twilight –Stephanie Meyers)

And makes Edward sound like this ....
“Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars, points of light and reason. ….And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn’t see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything.” –Edward Cullen (Twilight-Stephanie Meyers)

So as you can see........ it is IMPOSSIBLE not to fall in love with the character because the person who’s story your reading makes it your story by telling it in first person, “i was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him” .... and then Edward’s sweet talking and Robert Pattinson’s gorgeousness doesn’t help matters :D hahaha.
Enough about twilight now ...... let’s look at the future

Here are some things i have lined up for you:
• “Shushhhh” – a blog on my mama <3
• “Ma Familia” – the other half to blog about some of my family
• “Counthill 04-09” – a blog on my year 11 leaver’s class and prom (it will be filled with pictures mainly)
• “My newest writing expedition” – a blog on my new project!! Very exciting stuff!

Okay well i am off to go in the gym before i’m down at hospital with physio and LUNG FUNCTIONS.....dun dun dunnnn!!! :O :O :O
Hope you have a lovely day :) And of course, thank you for reading ...
Take Care, Sophie xoxo
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