Quick Update

Afternoon all :)
Long time no blog eyy?
I hope you have all been well and happy.

I’m doing ... okay; bit of a cough but i am going to be blaming the weather. It’s weird because my chest doesn’t feel great and it sounds really chesty but during physio and even huge coughing fits after laughter nothing comes up so i’m rather confused.
I’m also considering the possibility of it being caused by my hayfever. I have this itch in my throat ... usually it’s more of a tickle; but the word itch seems more appropriate, seems more vivid and aggressive. Well this is what i have and it causes me to cough obviously. My nose has been running alot too and sneezing is another common thing i do. My eyes are fine; however, i have noticed that if i am outside near plants and especially freshly cut grass my eyes itch but only a tiny bit. Maybe it’s nothing but i am just putting 2 and 2 together.
I’ve also noticed that i am struggling to breathe too. I’m hardly gasping for breath and ringing the ambulance for oxygen but i just notice my breathing if that makes sense?
It’s louder and faster so i tend to be using my inhaler alot now. I’m thinking this is due to the weather and the sticky, clammy, humid air; but then again, it’s been overcast today and the climate has dropped alot so maybe it’s my hayfever cough making my airways swell up and close down. I feel like my throat his closing up on me.

Well i completed my course of cipro (the tablet that makes you burn in sunlight) on Thursday last week. So my time of pretending to be a vampire was over i no longer had to avoid the sunshine. I had to put the books away and the TV remote down and step outside into the beautiful sunshine and what happens? The black clouds covered Oldham and it never rains in this lovely country ... it bloomin’ pours!!

I haven’t really got much information or gossip to tell you. I’m thinking of writing a hidden true life story of Counthill’s class of 09. A good peek into the gossip, the drama and the school but all top secretly. I’ll change the names and i’ll change the days so that you can have a look at my Counthill school life :)
Just a thought.
Anyway, i have to go now but have no fear ... i have 4 blogs in the making. I’m writing them all at different times so they’re abit all over the place but they will be up soon.
Thanks for reading this little update blog!

Take Care, Sophie xoxo
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