To Do List (in my lifetime)

I hate the thought of a bucket list!
I just don't see why the thought of your death should give you the motivation to do something with your life. This is your life, you're alive so if you can.. go do it! You shouldn't have to be kicking a bucket before you decide to forget all inhibitions and go wild. Life the life you love!!! Just go for it!

To Do List:-

• Get a job
• Move out
• Go to Iceland & See Northern Lights
• Visit Galway (Ireland)
• Sight-See in Rome
• Get my own book published
• Write weekly blogs
• Scrapbook every year
• Do London Marathon
• Do Manchester 10K for pearce ward
• Take more pictures
• Keep an annual planner
• Try yoga
• Have godson & godmum sleepovers
• Plan wedding
• Get married
• Go on more walks
• Stay organised
• Broaden my food horizons and try more things!
• Keep bingo up
• Learn to ride a bike
• Always have nice nails
• Own nice bathroom
• Watch a gorgeous sunset 
• Go to a pub quiz & WIN
• Try every TGI cocktails except milkshake ones or minty ones!
• Learn sign language fluently
• Always buy Alfie & Freddie books
• Continue to see all future X-Men movies at the cinema
• Finish writing out nans diaries

Have you ever wrote your lifetime to do list out? 
I rather enjoy reading people's little bucket lists. It's interesting what people want to do or achieve in their life. 

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