Happy 2016 !!

i have so much to write about.
i find i do this a lot, i go through spits and spats with this blog. i get on such a roll with it and can fire them out once a week and then i get to a point where i have nothing left to say and don't want to bore you more than i already do talking about mundane stuff just to post a blog. it's pointless!
So i have had a few month off and now i am back raring to go, who knows how long it will last!
I have some ideas i would like to post about. Just some things i want to document for myself to look back on :)
It's coming up to a year since my transplant, it's been a struggle but i would like to think i'm on the other side of it and i can now focus on a 'normal' life but i intend on doing a whole blog dedicated to that in a couple of weeks.
i went on my first holiday in 6 years in November so expect a blog about that including some pictures so i can go back to that one day and remember how good it was.
i celebrated christmas and new year out of hospital this year and i plan on doing a blog about that.
2016 is a new year and i have some things i want to achieve before 2017 so i am going to write a blog documenting those things so i can come back this time next year and see what i was capable of!

Thats a few posts i have in my head to blog about, all very 'diary entry' style for me to look back on and treasure. i've started a scrapbook too so it'll be nice to have that! it's a little out of my comfort zone to scrapbook things so i am having these blogs as a back up for if it goes wrong.

So that's just a little post to let whoever still visits this website know what to expect in the next couple of weeks!

Happy New Year !!
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