Day 6

Good afternoon :)

Well this seems to have been long awaited as I have had 4 people ask me where my blog is and it’s only dinnertime!
I wish today’s blog was more fulfilling for you but day 6 is just my favourite band. Here it is though:

Day 6:- A Picture Of Your Favourite Band/Artist.

Everyone who knows me well will know that my favourite band is muse. I’ve liked them for a few years now. They were the first band I started listening to when I was moving on from liking the usual; S Club 7, Busted, Britney, type of things. I was obviously older and had grown out of the whole pop scene and I started listening to muse and really liked how different they were. There is just no other band like them. They don’t seem to fit into any stereotype and I just love their music. Whether it’s there older stuff from way back in the day or their newer stuff of their recent album.
I think they won’t ever disappoint me as they are the best.. clearly.
I do have a slight crush on Matt Bellamy. It’s not necessarily his looks, I think it’s just who he is! :)

My favourite songs by muse are:
- Falling away with you
- Plug in baby
- Muscle Museum
- I belong to you
- Unintended
- Feeling good
- Hysteria

I’ve never seen them live before and if I ever got the chance to I think I may die from excitement :’)
If you haven’t ever listened to them before, give them a go! I don’t mind sharing my love of muse <3

Take Care, Soph xoxo
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  1. Hi Sophie, I'm loving your daily posts! Have you tried Radiohead's album The Bends? If you like Muse then you'll definitely like that album. It's an easier listen than their later stuff.

    From 1995-1996 reminds me of long lazy summers jamming with my band and trying to sing like Thom Yorke, those were the days ;-)

    Hope the Wythenshawe team are giving you a boost x

  2. Thanks!
    I will give them a listen and let you know what i thought of them :)