Day 3

Good morning everyone,
we have builders next door at the moment and they're doing my head right in!
it sound's like they are trying to make there way into my room every morning at twenty to eight!! FRIGGIN' RIDICULOUS.
anyway on with today's photo:

DAY 3:- A Picture Of You And Someone/Something You Miss.

I haven’t lost anyone i was close to so i decided that the picture I’d choose would be of my old horse smudge and me.

When i was younger i was a really keen horse rider, i never really enjoyed equitation or dressage but loved working hunter and show jumping. I was a member of Saddleworth Pony Club and i thoroughly enjoyed being part of that. My first horse was called lucky and he was a horridly stubborn pony that i first started riding lead rein which means i had my mum stood at the side of me holding a lead attached to my pony. As i got bigger and better we got a new horse and he was called smudge. He was a from a horse/pony school and was excellent. I started jumping on him and was very good at it. In shows I’d rarely come home with anything but a first or second. My main rival also being my best friend at the time, Lizzie Sloane. She was very good too and her horses were horses trained to show jump. Her mother Dianne was a ferociously competitive person as was my dad so as me and lizzie smiled and enjoyed our time jumping my dad and her mum would be taking things very seriously shouting from the sidelines.
Smudge and me were a good team and therefore picked to represent Saddleworth pony club at show jumping events along with lizzie and her horse obviously. I loved being part of that so much more than anything as i felt like i must've been REALLY REALLY good to be picked by the committee to represent the whole club! :)
I was proud of that.

Eventually as i got older and after a while of competing i fell out with horse riding and it's ferocious competitiveness, it took the fun out of it and i no longer enjoyed it and so retired at the very early age of 13! :D
YES.. Yes i did all that show jumping under the age of 13! :)
I jumped 4ft9 at my best point, which is good going for someone not even in her teens.

We sold smudge to my auntie Diane who was an avid rider and absolutely adored animals & still does. It was sad but it wasn't fair for me to keep him if i no longer rode him.
Unfortunately the new yard he was moved to didn’t seem to like him and smudged was 'bullied'
One day he was chased round & round the field and had a heart attack. Smudge died that day.
It was heartbreaking. It was the first pet I’d ever had that made me cry my eyes out. He was a great horse & very much loved.

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  1. wow i remember bringing your nanna Flo to watch you at one of your shows you looked so small cantering round an jumping on Smudge and i think he was the one that i had a ride on around the resivouirs one weekend!!!!!! long time ago!!!( not sure if thats how you spell it but you know were i mean!!!lol.he was a beautifull little pony so R.I.P Smudge and run wild with all the white horses in the sky!!!! <3<3<3.xxxx