Day 2

Good morning everyone,
i hope you are all well and happy! Here is day 2 of the photo challenge:

Day 2:- A Picture Of You And Someone You Have Been Closest To For The Longest.

I found this one a hard one, i didn't really have anyone who i immediately thought of. I didn’t have a best friend of 10 years and most of my school friends seem to have fizzled away so i was stuck as to who i would choose.
Then i thought about Chloe. Although we aren't as close as we were and we don't see each other very much; she is the one friend from school who has stuck by me and still talks to me, visits me, does stuff with me and i for one am very appreciative of that.

So this is Chloe and i at our school prom.
She is the ditzy blonde who says what she is thinking, she has no filter and therefore has to be stopped every now and again whilst talking to my younger sister!
She is lovely and would do anything to help you if she could. We have been friends for 4 years now. She loves nail polish, she loves Mcdonalds and she likes meaningful songs because they could make her cry. She is studying to be an air hostess and works in poundland. She likes a drink, especially the wine. She has a boyfriend called jonny and he’s nice and takes care of her and she is very much in love with him so I’m happy for her!
She makes me laugh with some of the things she comes out with & her random texts telling me she’d like a brew or that her shampoo smells nice today. :)
I love her very much <3
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  1. awww love this picture from your prom night bet it seems ages ago!!!!!!!and remember friendship isnt really meausured in years!!!! its about the love an respect you have for each other and always remembering the funtimes, happy an sad times and the silly girly times that we all love!!!!! cant wait for day 3!!!!! lol= love ya millions.xxxxxx