Day 5

Good afternoon all,

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

Did any of you watch the children’s hospital show last night?
Omar was on it! He was one of my favourite physio’s ☺
Once, i convinced him that i was a rugby player as I practically lived in my KIWI rugby league hoodie which I’d had my name printed on the back. He asked if I played and I was like, “yeah I do.. I love it.”
To which he looked a little shocked, “really? Wow never met a female rugby player before. What position do you play?”
I thought he was shocked because he’d seen that my lung functions were abysmal but no he was shocked that I was female!! So I played along and humored him..
“Prop forward” I replied gleefully. My dad was sat reading the paper, peeking at me every now and again, a smile on his face.
Omar said to him, “Is she any good?”
He replied, “You honestly believe her? Come on!!”
Omar started laughing and couldn’t believe I was lying to him! I couldn’t believe he believed me even though he’d seen my lung functions were 18% and he’d watch me struggle in the gym just walking on the treadmill! FOOL!

He was a good laugh and I often used to tease him about not doing anything and I constantly terrorized him for being a ‘people watcher’
In pediatrics, that’s all physio’s do.. they just sit and watch you do your physio or go on the treadmill :)
I’m sure he misses me really :’)

Janice was also on the show, she was my main CF nurse. Apparently she’s been through my care since I was around the age of 2.. I can’t really remember that far back to be honest though.
The brothers on the show both had CF obviously and were having port-a-caths fitted which saves them needing canula’s or long lines every admission etc. I have one of those and have had one for about 6-7 years now. It is a godsend! They’re so much better than canulas and I advice every CF patient to have one. I’ve had two as my first one fractured in 3 different places for some unknown reason but this one is doing good so far :)
Anyway, on with the photo challenge:

Day 5:- A Picture Of Somewhere You’ve Been.


I wish everyone in the whole world could go to Florida at some point in there life as it’s the most magical, surreal, happy place in the world.
Disney World is magic.
Whether you’re 1 year old, 14 years old, 27 years old, 39 years old, 50 or even in your 80’s it will always be just magic. You think of Disney world and you probably think it’s going to be childish and for the younger generation but believe me the shows they put on will take your breath away and there are rides for all ages!

However, if it isn’t Disney world that tickles your pickle, then you have the excitement and amazement of Universal Studios! This happens to be where my picture is taken. If you aren’t really a rollercoaster person then don’t worry they have shows, they have rides that are just out of this world that are like a stimulator almost but believe me it is just mind blowing!

America just do things bigger and better don’t they?
Alton towers and Blackpool pleasure beach have nothing on Florida’s theme parks.
The beaches are filled with surfer dudes and dudesses! The food is just scrummy and portion sizes unbelievable. Everything is cheaper and the shopping is an ultimate nightmare if you have a shopaholic father like mine and you personally despise walking round shopping ‘malls’ :’)

My favourite place in the world that I have been too so far is Florida. I’ve been very lucky enough to go there four times. I’d love to go again and I’d probably take my wheelchair to get around places because you do tons of walking!!
I just think the humidity and temperature would make breathing a bloody nightmare. I’ve always found it a struggle to breathe in such hot, humid places.
It’s a shame but I do hope my mum and dad take my sister there again in the near future. I really don’t mind staying at home and sitting it out.

Take Care, Soph xoxo
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  1. Ohhhh your sooo right about Florida i loved it and to be honest before i went it wasnt a place that i had ever craved to visit me being a beach/bar bum!!!!!!! but the whole experience was magical and especially when we went near xmas time you know what Auntie Max is like with her xmas lights!!!!the shows fantastic and the food yummy but i agree with you about the shoppin not big on my hit list!!!! but boy does my brother love it!!!! lol= thanks for letting me share in one of your magical Florida trips one holiday i will never forget. love ya millions.<3<3<3.xxxxx

  2. I do love you writing in your blog again, keep it up!!

    I've been to Florida twice and one of our ex students at the musical theatre class has an audition for Disneyland in Hong Kong lol how cool is that!! xx