DAY 14

From a bitter little heart...
"Happy Valentines Day!"

Day 14:- Love is....

Hard. Love is hard.
The best time of my life.
The worst time of my life.

Love isn't what it is supposed to be anymore. Times have changed and people have changed with it.

It isn't cherished as much as it should be.
It isn't appreciated and acknowledged as much as it should be.
It isn't protected as much as it should be.

Love is a word that's thrown around much too loosely.
It's something that shouldn't be said unless meant. It's something you want more than anything and so you work for it and put everything into it. It's something that can bring the most euphoric joy and then cruelly take that warm, sparkling glow and make it very dark, dim and cold.
Love is special, it's hard but it's so very special.

Night night bedbugs
Sophie xoxo
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