DAY 15

Chest feels so crap. Heavy. Struggle. Hard Work. Nothing Moves. Eurgh!!!

Day 15:- i dislike...

I love the peace sign. Don't know why, i just do.
What i dislike or I'd go as far as saying hate is losing things. For someone who hates it so much, i do it an awful lot :(

I don't know anybody to do it as much as i do.
I lose silly things that aren't of any use or importance, that annoys me.
I lose small things that an easily be replaced but have sentimental value that can't ever be, that upsets me and i find myself in an overwhelming flood of guilt for some reason.
I lose huge things that i guess can be replaced in a different way but to you, in your heart are irreplaceable, this makes me feel so grief stricken.

I think i am someone who brings myself down most of the time, i put a huge amount of responsibility on my shoulders for things that aren't really mine to be responsible for.
I see myself as someone who carries a hell of a lot of weight, one if those weights being guilt!!

I don't know what it is with me and that emotion but i find it anywhere & everywhere. In places there's no need for it to be; and it attaches itself to me like i am a packed mule. I don't know why i do these things to myself!

I lose a lot of things and i dislike this very much! Better to have bad luck than no luck right? :S

Night night bedbugs
Sophie xoxo
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