White rabbit.. White rabbit.. White rabbit!
Hello :)
Today has been a day of rest. I have done nothing but stay in my pyjamas, cough, splutter & sneeze in bed and watch series 5 & 6 of lost on Netflix! I have had my curtains closed and my candle lit and i just had a little breather day where i acknowledged that i am not feeling too well and so rested :) it was nice just cuddled with my puppy, clearing my airbags with my oxygen at hand. i had nowhere to be.
i had my school friend chloe come round tonight for a cocktail & pyjama party but with me feeling like a pooball, i was not feeling up to drinking or had the energy to be the life & soul :( not a very good host!!
Instead i have drank my bottle of coke and supplied her with film after film on netflix.. we have been very comfy in pyjamas and ate pizza though! :D hope she didn't think i was too boring tonight!
I won't lie to you.. i'm worried, i am worried because i have only been out a week and i am already needing to go back in. I'm not lasting anymore and oral antibiotics aren't working.
Need a new plan of action :( QuickTime!!!
Well i shall leave you with today's daily photo of February DAY ONE:- Vintage!

Okay, so sweeties and a candle aren't very vintage atall but i am an average girl from oldham town. I also thought this picture kinda summed my day up nicely. Chilled & Serene-ish! Plus it's instagrammed... InstaVINTAGE! ;)
Night night..
Sophie xoxo

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