Hey :)

I missed a day :(
I went to clinic yesterday so didn't even think about doing the blog, totally forgot!

Clinic was okay i had .2 of a kilogram. The doctor said my blows were down but still good for a clinic appointment. I told him i didn't want to go in. Just want to see where i get to by myself first.
Gonna try me on a new antibiotic when i go in for IV's & possibly change my nebulised antibiotic which is good as we all feel promixcin isn't doing it for me anymore.

My appetite is starting to dwindle down now but i just want out. I'm not stupid, i know I'll probably end up back in next week. but at least i'll have given it a go!

Day 6 photo:- Challenge

Yes i got the right picture uploaded :)
It's a set of stairs. How many of you jog up & down these babies like it's nothing?!
Stairs are one of a few enemies and I'd say the past few days they've been my biggest challenge, going down the stairs is okay.. it's getting up them! my heart races & feels like it's in my mouth after the first step. i have to go one at a time, putting both feet on one step at a time and sometimes i walk on all fours up them like a child!! my heart rate shoots up to about 145-155 after concurring them! they leave me breathless :)

Interesting fact?
My physio told me that when people run up the stairs they take a deep breath at the bottom and then hold it till they get to the top without even realising they do it! It's the same when people bend over to pick something up, they'll hold there breath as they do it.
Very random but interesting true fact!

Night night bedbugs

Sophie xoxo
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  1. Hi Sophie,

    I think Wythenshawe are trialling people with nebulised Azetreonem or Cayston as I was offered it in the last clinic. I did it for ten days in January and managed to blow my highest ever LF in the last year. I would recommend trying it out as it seems to be loads better than Promixin x

  2. They want to try me on meropenum i think.
    I've only ever had it once in the children's hospital ages ago so don't know if it works well for me or not. Fingers crossed, we get somewhere! xXx