Hello :)

Hope the weekend has been a good one for you!

I recently became an official college student again! :D
That's exciting for me.

I am certain you all know that i had to leave sixth form college a couple of year ago due to it being too much to handle and constantly being really behind in lessons with frequent hospital admissions. It was so hard and it took all the enjoyment out of it, i was a really stressed student at both school and college.
I've said it before and it's nothing i am ashamed of but i'm a real nerd.. full on geek!
i loved school, i love to learn, i love getting too results and getting things right & perfect. This probably had a bad effect on my health in the long run.

I realised over time that with me being how i am with my stress levels as far as essays and overall results go, a full time college course of heavy tuition and essays and exams is not the right thing for me at this moment in time.
I have also realised that i can not go on much more with every day being the same, having no meaning or structure or schedule other than the CF one. It is going to drive me potty!!

I literally would not know what day if it wasn't for my phone. I know everybody does that sometimes and it can be a funny 'blonde moment' thing but seriously, not knowing what day it is doesn't have any consequence to me as there's no work or meetings or lectures..
every day is a weekend...
every day is another holiday!

sounds lush huh?

Let me tell you, it most certainly isn't!
So i have had a little chat to my social worker and although i am extremly limited on what i can and can't do, i know my limits and i'm not stupid :)

I am going to go to college, just the one night a week; doing a lovely italian cooking course. I am also looking into doing a little volunteer work that would be classed as therapeutic work.. obviously wont be doing many hours and the hours i do will be manipulated specifically for me but it gets me out and about and doing something. Gets my brain ticking again and my social skills back in operation! I NEED THIS

Today's daily photo of February DAY THREE:- Game

I play this game too often as it is too addictive and too frustrating and i love it!
I just can't help myself.. Temple Run 2 the app for my phone. Passes so much time you wouldn't believe which is perfect for me at least it is for now.. my diary is getting pretty damn busy ;)

Night night bedbugs!

Sophie xoxo

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