DAY 17

My chest has felt absolutely rubbish all day long.
My plan is to call them and see if they have a bed, i don't see the point in waiting for my afternoon clinic appointment if i intend on going in anyway.
Back to costa del pearce again, they want to try me on some new things so hopefully something new will stir things up in the right way! My course starts a week on Monday though so i am hoping they'll allow me to sneak out for a couple of hours Monday night.. finger crossed!

Day 17:- i wore...

I never like doing these photos.. i am not very stylish whatsoever. I am comfort not style :')

First up, i don't have my shoes on here but i wore odd socks and dark blue converse on my feet today. I wear odd socks more often than not, i just feel better when they're an odd pair then when they're matching.

It's something that niggles me like the volume being on a number that doesn't end on zero or five. If i don't see the number, i don't care but if i know it's not on zero or five.. it just irritates me and unsettles me.
I think we all have those funny glitches. I have a few more things that i didn't pick up on till somebody else did, they calmed down for a while but i notice I've gone back to where i was again lately. Maybe I'll tell you them one day or i might just keep my random habits to myself like the freak i am at heart <3

Next i have dark blue high waisted, denim jeans. Jeans that i completely left the house with them unbuttoned today and went on with my day till SIX this EVENING (6PM) before i realised i hadn't fastened them up.. who does that?!
Unbelievably.. they're my comfiest jeans, even when i remember to fasten them up... -_-

Luckily, i was not commando with my jeans undone and i had undies to match my bra. The sock rule needs not apply to pretty undies ;)
It's just a sock thing.

Finally, the most softest, warmest, comfiest, oversized jumper that i own to keep me warm bought from republic which i have heard is closing down!!
There will be no shops left to spend all my pennies online shopping when in costa del Wythenshawe soon!!
Then how do i pass the time??

The only make up i wear is a tiny bit of blusher on my English rose, white face, a little black eyeliner to define that i DO have eyes and curled lashes with a lick of mascara on each top row!

I used batiste cherry dry shampoo as i could just about manage to get myself dressed today.. let alone, wash, dry & straighten my hair!!
It's a hell of a lot of effort being a lady. Effort that i simply don't have at the moment with this chest of mine.

Bad lungs.. Very bad lungs!! Naughty!!

Night night bedbugs...
Sophie xoxo

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